Is 3D Playstation the Prospected and Futured of Gaming?

There has been much discusion in recent years about 3D Playstation games would really be the future of gaming or not. Sony has put a lot of work and effort into rising not only the 3 dimensional capabilities of the Playstation 3, but they also put a lot of hard work into developing their 3D televisions. There are a lot of things that you might want to know about 3D Playstation game so you will be able to decide for yourself if 3D is the prospect of gaming or not.

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ia_studio3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

It's a nice start, we will soon stop having so many shooter tittles finally people are getting bored of them.

DARKrage343957d ago'll only be big once available to the whole market. With the current expense, 3D is a tough go for the average consumer...

Games are already immersive as is, I don't see 3D being the future just yet... but who knows what the future holds.

Might be looking forward to Uncharted 7, Call of Duty 12, KillZone 5, and (plz release this!!!>) Kingdom Hearts 3 all in perfected 3D!

arakouftaian3957d ago

They are been made with 3d in mind from the start.
I saw them at e3 and they look amazing "avatar quality"
maybe the few games like avatar the game use fake 3d effect that true but Killzone 3 Or MS3 are full 3d perfection from what I saw at e3.

Plus 46"3d tvs are at aron. $1600 not bad so we may have this tvs at $1000-$1200 soon wich
is a good price that many can pay.

Plus BestBuy make things easy like 3years no interest for a 3dtv wich is very good deal.

Jason1433957d ago

Sonys 3d is truly mind blowing but the average stoner playing mw2 wont care.