Gameinformer | Crackdown 2 Review : Crackdown A Letdown As Ruffian Games Fails To Innovate

In the original Crackdown, Pacific City had character. Its three colorful districts – ruled by three competing gangs – all presented their own unique landmarks and platforming challenges. In Crackdown 2, 10 years have passed; the gangs are gone and the city is derelict, overrun by masses of zombie-like mutants. Police barricades block off street corners, smashed storefront windows sit neglected, and a thick layer of dust oppresses the entire city. A once-great metropolis lies tarnished – much like my fond memories of the first Crackdown.

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dizzleK3970d ago

i doubt anybody honestly thought this was going to get 10s.

the general theme posted on the reviews (from non-fanboys) is "i liked the first one so i'll get this one". i hope this is a small sign of review scores losing their power.

GWAVE3970d ago

360 owners, if you haven't already, then go play Mass Effect 2. Or play a real open-world game, Red Dead Redemption, a game your PS3 brothers are enjoying. Or play one of the many games on your list of "gotta play" 360 games.

Crackdown was never a great IP. Sorry, but it's true. So go play something else instead.

Cole1193970d ago

Many 360 players are enjoying RDR; did you think it was a PS3 exclusive or something? Also, I thought Crackdown was a very good game, if you didn't like it, that's just your opinion. Almost everyone I've seen online likes the original Crackdown, perhaps you should quit generalizing the 360 community, because there is a great chance that you are wrong.

sombrero3970d ago

Don't play a game because it doesn't get 9/10+? The first Crackdown got a better metacritic average than Modnation Racers. Did you tell people not to play that?

The second is at 71 because of a lack of innovation, but that doesn't mean the game's not fun. Have you played Folklore for PS3? It has a 75 but I thought it was better than most 90+ games. Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars is by far my favorite PSN title, but it has a 67 at metacritic.

If someone thinks a game looks fun, who are you to tell them not to play it?

tinybigman3970d ago

WTF? WTH? Ruffian i can't believe you ruin this game after i thoroughly enjoyed crackdown 1. seriously why the hell didn't you have this game bake some more in the oven damnit?

DelbertGrady3970d ago

You guys are in every thread downtalking it. It's as if you are paid by Sony to tell 360 owners not to get Crackdown 2.

DMason3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I honestly think MS used this game to pad their exclusives list and keep the core gamers happy. I really like Crackdown, and I would be severely disappointed if I hadn't already played some really great titles this year so far.

Summer is a gamer's hell, and this is the equivalent to a broke down air conditioner.

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N4PS3G3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Well deserved. Thats what you get for trying to sell DLC as a full price game

I can't believe i'm saying this but i'm sooo happy this game is failing hard so developers learn to improve their stuff. Ruffian, you can't expect people to buy your game for $60 when other devs are pulling games 10 times bigger in value for the same price with better graphics, story and big improvements.

MajestieBeast3970d ago

Wow this is the first time i agree with you i mean i loved crackdown 1 but 2 just looked like a crappier looking 1 with zombies.

HolyOrangeCows3970d ago

A sequel to Crackdown could have been awesome.

But Ruffian chose to rush out a "sequel" with all of the same issues and world assets from the first, with repetitive missions.

Cheeseknight283970d ago

I wouldn't call it "DLC" but rather a rushed and sloppy effort that did not try one bit to innovate.

I played the original for the first time not too terribly long ago and didn't get it. Maybe it's because I've played inFamous and Just Cause 2 already?

ClownBelt3970d ago

7 is a pretty solid score, so i don't get how people are crying about it.

KonohagakureFC3970d ago

They cry because exclusives are supposed to get beyond " pretty solid " scores

Cheeseknight283970d ago

For a decently hyped game exclusive to one platform, people expected better.

silkrevolver3970d ago

... and by trusting this review, I also trust pretty much every other review of Crackdown 2 out there. How in the hell do you spend 3 years on a sequel, and it’s barely any different from the first? It’s the same city, but rundown and with mutants. That’s it. Besides 4-player Co-op, this is all standard DLC stuff... come on....

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