Microsoft Hires Justin Bieber to Enter Concert with Kinect Video, Teens Go Wild

At a recent concert, teen sensation Justin Bieber made quite an entrance to the stage. Prior to making many a girl go absolutely crazy, Bieber teased his young fans by playing on Kinect for around 2 minutes. Great marketing and it shows that MS is going all out on this one.

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T9X693969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Oh Jesus Christ.

@GWAVE - They both sound the same to me lol

GWAVE3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Great. Instead of just 12-year-old boys on Xbox Live, we'll add 12-year-old girls to the mix.

brazilianbumpincher3969d ago

microsofts marketing brilliance.

whoever thinks this wont help kinect sell is deluded

thewrathman3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

SONY hires Kevin Butler

who does MS hire?Justin Fvckin Bieber


im so has all these great games and tech and i still stick with my loved xbox.and thats fine.thats my choice as a gamer or fanboy.

but when MS whips out BIEBER..i swear to GOD i want to tie my xbox to my chest and jump into an active volcano.

1 reason to ditch your xbox for the ps3..BIEBER DOESNT HAVE ONE.i hope..seriously usin this douche to promote xbox really really makes me reconsider gaming.not the games or the hardware or the blu-ray..just BIEBER.

wait...wait..sorry..i just puked a little in my mouth there.

oh gawd theres more..thats left a smell.

@chris399 below..sorry but im takin grievence wit this point..

-Forming partnerships with junk food peddlers (7 Eleven, Burger King)

im goin to go right ahead and edit that for you,with MOVE in mind.

-Forming partnerships with junk food peddlers (7 Eleven, Burger King,coc-cola and kevin butler) much as a demi-god as ps3 fanboys deem him is definately a junk food advocate..he could turn sideways and eclipse the sun.

and no kid in the history of pets has ever cleaned up after a dog.let alone lift its SH1T.that crap is supposed to make kids blind.

Chris3993969d ago

It's as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face. It consists of:

- Plastering glaring adverts on everything conceivable under the sun.
- Hiring Celebrities (Yoko Ono, Steven Spielberg, Justin B.).
- Forming partnerships with junk food peddlers (7 Eleven, Burger King).
- Putting on a show. Or a circus even.

And yes, this will help Kinect sell. But at the cost of a great deal of shame for any core gamers who actually buy the device.

It's true that gaming isn't just for the enthusiasts who frequent this site, it's expanded to be something for casuals, soccer moms, grandmas and kids. But really, what does Kinect offer that is so revolutionary or better than what already exists?

I heard someone in a thread on N4G today say something along the lines of:

"My family will really enjoy it. My wife can play fitness games, my daughter can play with Skittles, and I can play controller based games."

If you want Fitness, go to a gym - there is no software currently on the market or in the pipeline that will duplicate the results of regular exercise in an equipped facility. None. If you want your daughter to have a pet, buy her a dog: let her clean up it's shit, feed it, groom it and learn real responsibility, empathy and maturity.

As a society, the direction that we are going - never satisfied with anything, always looking for something "easier" - is pretty reprehensible.

Funnily enough, the only real use that I can see for Kinect IS for pissing about with non-sensible, shovel-ware games - flailing and drunk and whatnot. That and some of the voice/ networking features are cool. But as far as "lifestyle" software, or "virtual pets", no thanks, the real things are far more rewarding.

Shang-Long3969d ago

hahah im sorry but the teens go wild for him not kinect

HolyOrangeCows3969d ago

Another day, Another crappy singer gone marketing tool.

Diamondwolf3969d ago

seriously chris, so what? my rebuttal is if you want to be a sniper, nothing cones closer than enlisting in the armed forces. Gaming is for everyone, and ifmore people play then all companies including the industry does well. f your afraid the good games will stop coming, then go to school, pick up a book, goput together a team and make a badass game yourself. You fanboys are all starting to sound like a "Beiber" whining and crying about everything these companies do.

Please read carefully:

PeterGriffinSays3969d ago

I was followin' what you were sayin, and I understood the points you were makin' and why you're upset... but got DAMN you babbled on about the most random shyt in the 2nd half of that paragraph.

rockleex3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Justin Bieber did!

Thank you Microsoft for throwing away your Milo funding towards Bieber just so you can attract more non-gamers to come and buy your non-games!

I know none of that will better my gaming experience on the 360, in fact it takes AWAY from my gaming interests and is given towards blind teens and tweens, but I'm happy that I can now use the sales card once again!

Chris3993968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

What does being a sniper or joining the Armed Forces have to do with anything? It's a bit disturbing that your mind went there. I'm voicing an opinion, not talking about shooting people who don't agree with me or becoming militant in my beliefs. It simply isn't even something that a reasonable person considers WHEN DISCUSSING VIDEO GAMES, YOU MENTAL CASE. I think it's pretty clear that I won't be buying the device, so your "rebuttal" for what is already evident seems pointless.

@ thewrathman. I'm not sure what examples of parenting you've seen or had in your lifetime, but I was made to care for every pet (2 cats, 1 dog) that I've ever had. That includes cleaning up it's shit or taking it for walks (again, to defecate). You're really just reinforcing my point that as a society we've slipped into the Abyss on the subject of social responsibility and proper parenting.

And yes, Sony has a partnership with Coca-Cola, I'm not refuting that. We were talking about Microsoft though. I don't see the need to bring Sony into the equation - it has nothing to do with "MS' marketing brilliance", which is what we were discussing.

Heisenberg3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

All you have to give them is... BIEBER!!!"

MS will never change, instead of spending money getting even one real game to show for Kinect, they're payin off Fallon and Bieber to pedal their embarrassing tech demo's to tweens and housewives alike.

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II Necroplasm II3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Jhawk, I have a weird funny feeling you're around 34 years old. Or you may just be a teeny bopper... either way, stay away from society please. XD

karl3969d ago

prediction came true

angel_from_above69863969d ago

who is this kid? he sucks, aka "teen sensation"

nuff said right there

Donny3969d ago

im sick of that little prick.

tinybigman3969d ago

for securing my belief that natal will be full of shovelware, and for casuals. i can use my money for something a hell of a lot better.

menoyou3969d ago

microsoft is so damn gay, good heavens

sickbird3969d ago

right!?!?!?! they get worse every day!

Blaine3969d ago

That's how I shut them up! When a 12 year old boy talks, I say "Oh, hey, there's a girl playing with us!" Usually they either shut up or, better yet, they leave.

RageAgainstTheMShine3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

What has pop stars have to do with gaming?
This is ridiculous!
Do Sony and Nintendo resort to commercial endorsement?
No, they use video games to advertise video games, mascots even.

This only shows that M$ does not really understand video games at all.
MS is like a pathetic traditional politician.
Kinect pukefest will only sell to the golly gullible.

RememberThe3573969d ago

After seeing this I'm gonna listen to some 2pac and Tech9ne and get drunk.

beardpapa3969d ago

Bieber alone will sell millions of Kinect and Dance Central. Tons of 12 yo fangirls will want to pop that game in and dance like Bieber while singing "baby baby baby oh..."

Anon19743969d ago

Wait. I looked him up. Funny, he's from my country and I had only heard of him in passing.

He certainly doesn't look like he's 16, and I find it a little sad that I've been playing videogames 14 years longer than this kid has been alive. I did find some pictures of him shilling for the Wii earlier on.

Anyone else find it entertaining that in this video, multiple people are dancing in front of Kinect while Kinect can only handle two people at a time, and it's clear that only one person is actually playing. I know every time I see someone playing DDR there's 4 people behind them doing the same moves. /s

There's going to be a lot of disappointed 12 year old girls thinking that all their friends can join in and play this game just like at the Justin Bieber concert.

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Bocanegra3969d ago

He kind of looks like what his last name sounds like.

Hideo_Kojima3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

double post

Hideo_Kojima3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Double standards or did you forget...

that there was a Hannah Montana PSP at last years E3?

Dac2u3969d ago

@Guntrol, there's a slight difference in that the PSP was marketed towards a wide demographic and the announcement of the Hannah Montana PSP at E3 was somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Also, the games released for the PSP were never dumbed down to cater to any specific demographic. Whereas, right now, Kinect is being marketed towards tweens and family only. If the only PSP released was pink, you might have a point, but that's not the case.

What I find hilarious is that the Wii is "edgier" than Kinect, that's pretty sad.

karl3969d ago

call that bad marketing if u are informed enough to understand what microsoft is really doing and what kinect can really do

now.. gamers we are a minority compared to the rest of the world..
most people have no idea what kinect cant do... so if they show a video of kinect walking your dog.... theyll believe that shit...

i hate how marketing beats quality ....
but im afraid this crap is going to sell to all this people who are outside of gaming..

Natsu X FairyTail3969d ago

Get that paper while you still can my hommie. When you'll enter puberty and start growing hair Your label will drop you and a new kid start shall take your place.

kissmeimgreek3969d ago

Im pretty sure disney had his balls removed after seeing how quickly the jonas brothers grew up.

Hideo_Kojima3969d ago

A long time ago in the Roman Catholic church, when a young boy was found to have a beautiful singing voice, his family had the option of having him castrated so that he would never go through puberty and keep his singing voice.

SpaceFox3969d ago

What balls?

Haha, for real though. He's seriously 16? Yeah, either he had his balls removed or he's a chick.

Tony-A3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the girls went wild from seeing Bieber in the video.... not from Kinect.

PS: Notice the stealth false advertising? Having more than two guys dancing as if it can support it? They can cover their asses by saying "we never said you can DO that stuff!"

Ahh, Microsoft. BTW, it may have been smarter to have the concert END with Kinect so it can be the last thing the girls see. Having it in the beginning will make them completely forget about it, especially after having the kid on stage.

Davoh3969d ago

Microsoft just needs to offer a Justin Bieber with each Kinect and they'll be sorted.

dizzleK3969d ago

she isn't even hot, i'd rather see katy perry up there jiggling her huge rack.

deadreckoning6663969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Just saw pics. Its true! A great rack indeed.

@kissmeiamgreek- Agreed. Very smart move by M$. I just wish they would let regular people(not celebrities) test out Kinect like Sony has been doing with the Move.

"Goddamn casuals. They need to get the hell away from gaming."

Sam2236, that has to be the most ignorant comment I've ever heard on this site. Casuals gamers are the people who keep this industry afloat.