Crackdown 2 Production/Development Time Revealed

Crackdown 2 is due to release in North America tomorrow, and reviews are beginning to trickle in. Earlier today, we posted our full review for the title, and it's a solid, fun game, but it may not offer the evolution people hope for. It has been said Crackdown 2 was in development for 8 months, but earlier today, a Ruffian dev gave a more precise answer for the production time for the title.

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VegaShinra4221d ago

Needed moar time it seemz. MayB 18months

Shaka2K64221d ago ShowReplies(2)
DelbertGrady4221d ago

Never seen a game get this much hate even though it's gotten decent scores across the board. The mongrels are raging.

Natsu X FairyTail4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

1 year isnt enough seriously. look at the graphics. They coulda been better if they had used a better engine and more dev time.

omodis4204221d ago

It's good to see they took some time with this one. From the first reviews it seems like a pretty good game.

jjesso19934221d ago

lol have you been reading diffrent reviews I feel like DL dvd was waste so I dont how people spend £40 for this are goning to feel

gynecologistcobra4221d ago

What, do you consider a 71/100 review bad? Because if so, you're the exact type of asshole that makes reviews so controversial.

dizzleK4221d ago

graphics whores will be the death of the industry.

GWAVE4221d ago

Gamers who accept any crap the industry churns out at them will be the death of the industry.

ChronoJoe4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

It's not graphics that make Crackdown 2 a bad game.

Edit whoops, meant that to be a reply on dizzle, sorry Wave.

bjornbear4221d ago

no more MW2's please thank you!

Hank Hill4221d ago


You are the reason developers can crap out half finished and uninspired games and sell them for full price of $60. YOU are the death of this industry.

karl4221d ago

than just graphics...

Imperator4221d ago

If graphics don't matter to you then why did you upgrade to new generation systems? The only point of doing so is for better graphics (mainly). If people didn't care about graphics we might as well still be playing on the NES.

Boody-Bandit4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

Got it on from Dell for $39.99. For me personally $29.99 would have been the better price but my son wants it and I'm a push over. It isn't graphic whores that are hurting the industry. It's developers putting very little effort into games and releasing them for full MSRP.

Crackdown 2 looks and feels like DLC of a 3+ year old game. Assassin's Creed II, RDR, Infamous and soon to be released AC Brotherhood and later Infamous 2 prove you can have the best of all worlds when you have developers that give a shit and are not rushed. I think Crackdown 2 would have been better served as an XBLA game or it should have retailed at $39.99. Maybe that way I could have got lucky and picked it up for $29.99.

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MajestieBeast4221d ago

Wow imagine if naughty dog would have done the same with uncharted 2 that already gives me a nightmare.

blind-reaper4221d ago

It would still be a good looking game I mean just take a look to uncharted 1, gorgeous game.

pippoppow4221d ago

What if U2 was basically the same as the 1st but thegfx were worse to boot. Would have scored simiar as CD2. Full retail games should take close to 2yrs for a polished sequel with added content. L4D2 and CD2 are examples of rushed products. I find it hard to believe another yr dev time would not have beneficial. Look at KZ3 and Infamous 2. Sequels with proper dev time with marked improvements. We should all demand this.

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