E3 2010: Final Fantasy XIV Hands-On Impressions (DualShockers)

Jon Ireson of DualShockers writes, "I was fortunate enough to get hands-on time with the PC tech demo of the Final Fantasy XIV Beta on PC at E3 2010. When it comes to big names in the industry, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series certainly makes most people’s lists. With a previous entry into the MMO universe, Final Fantasy XI, the series ventures yet again into massive multi-player territory. A very different approach with a fresh and new looking result is what Square Enix intends to offer. This time around a complete experience for the lone wolf / solo type of player as well as those who prefer to group up is yours for the taking..."

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Hitman07693026d ago

This game looked great, played great, shows great promise.

RememberThe3573026d ago

Those beta videos completely killing the interest I had in this game. It was to slowest thing I had ever seen.

rexus123453026d ago

If you can find some E3 videos, it will show the combat was MUCH faster than alpha or FFXI

RememberThe3573026d ago

I thought I was keeping an eye open for it but I never saw any E3 video. I'll go try to find some though. Thanks for the heads up.

Hitman07693026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Actually it was pretty smooth for a tech demo. We were told this was a test out of the Beta and it showed little to no issues keeping up with the rendering.

@TheVokillist -- sounds like a more Action oriented MMO would be better for you such as DC Universe Online or The Agency.

thevokillist3026d ago

it does look great! I'm sure if I was into the FF series, I would enjoy this title. Just not a big fan of the turn-based gameplay...

Chadness3026d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on this! If they fixed the issues that made me quit FFXI, this will likely be the perfect MMO for me.

taz80803026d ago

They have openly said that they are trying to make this accessible like WoW

Games4M - Rob3026d ago

blonde cat chick in a bikini - day 1 purchase for me

TheObserver3026d ago

I look forward to this very much! I am planning to get it on PC since it Launches before the PS3. I wanted to begin the game with PS3 comrades as well, but I guess not simultaneously.

The Benchmark is out, test if your PC can run it:


Hitman07693026d ago

Here's some explanation of why people who want it on PS3 badly should still pick it up for PC if they can!

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The story is too old to be commented.