Fileplanet are giving away Medal of Honor Beta keys

Fileplanet writes - "Experience today's authentic warfare
in FilePlanet's Exclusive Beta Event"

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WildArmed3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )


Thanks for the beta! :D
I've heard enough about this game as it is.
But it's always fun to try the beta out myself.

Bubbles to the submitter :D

Hellsvacancy3026d ago

I played it 4 afew hours then deleted it, didnt like it,

U could of just downloaded it off me

WildArmed3026d ago

lol yeah, but i just got back from DC (my cousin's place).
So havn't really been on ps3, but now just got a code. might as well try it, eh?

I already don't plan on getting it, so that's why i didn't ask ^^

deadreckoning6663026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I got a beta code yesterday and while it does have potential, its just utter crap right now. Last years BC2 beta was lightyears beyond the MOH beta. EA NEEDS to delay this game to Spring 2011 if they want any chance of becoming successful with MOH.

With Black Ops and Reach coming out this fall, MOH doesn't stand a chance unless it makes a DRASTIC improvement. I understand that its a beta, but considering how fantastic the BC2 beta was, I expected more from DICE.

Rainstorm813026d ago

I agree MOH seems like it needs work, pauses when you die, the hit detection is a lil off, if its released like this it will be a far worse fallout than what happened with MW2, especially when its going after that audience

Theonik3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Got the beta when it first came out but i still got 2 keys for some friends that wanted them. Overall i didn't like this beta much from what i played. Hope the final game is vastly improved or i won't buy it.

talltony3026d ago

This beta bricked my ps3 the other day and gave me my first ylod. Dnt risk it especially with this terrible beta.

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TooTall193026d ago

Thanks. I'll take a break from Yakuza 3 and Fat Princess to play this tonight.

Bloodlyte3026d ago

effin awesome, thnx!! cant wait to check it out!

3026d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.