VGD: Crackdown 2 Review: Down In the Dumps

For a game in which you can leap over skyscrapers, the Xbox 360’s latest window-filler sets the bar strangely low. It still feels like a budget project, a slice of throwaway fun jury-rigged to a more significant release, but this time there’s no Halo 3 to hide behind, and the downsides are too conspicuous to ignore.

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dizzleK3121d ago

maybe i'm silly but i bought the first crackdown to actually play crackdown, i think i played the halo beta for 10 minutes.

since i usually love what reviewers hate and hate what reviewers love, i'm sure i'll love this game. what was the last meh review game, lost planet 2? i LOVED that game yet returned RDR the next day.

GWAVE3121d ago

Reviews are just reviews. I didn't have high hopes for this game but it's not meant to be a AAA game. The media has been wrong before (10/10 scores for GTA4? Wat?) so who knows? I'll have to try this game out on my friend's 360.