Should You Buy A Nintendo DS? [updated 3DS]

Kotaku: The Nintendo DS is the most successful portable gaming machine on the planet. More than 100 million of them are out there. So maybe you should own one too? Or is 2004's wonder-machine a relic at this point? [UPDATED due to the 3DS' E3 debut.]

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SupaGamer3959d ago

Well, for the 3Ds. Never found much use for the DS.

tinybigman3959d ago

I already have 2 handhelds in psp, dsi collecting dust in my closet right now. I'm not spending another dime on any handhelds.

tinybigman3958d ago

to tell me why i should buy another handheld when i dont even play the ones i have.

AusWarrior3959d ago

Definitely a yes for me. I find the DS being played much more by me than my PSP. Damn you Pokemon lol.

Ultraplayerxd3959d ago

I would buy a 3DS just for pokemon :)

Duke Spookem3959d ago

I'm not interested in ports and a overpriced, redesigned DS with a tacked on 3D feature.

SupaGamer3959d ago

You're selling it short. It will be much improved over the DS.

ChickeyCantor3959d ago

He'll come around once the thing is cant escape the awesome that is 3DS

jaredhart3959d ago

I'm not quite sold on the 3DS. It looks like they are doing a lot of things right but I feel so let down by both the Wii and DS.

Subzero200x3959d ago

no your thinking of the ps3.

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