Microsoft Allows Publishers to Double Dip on Gamers

When someone pays money to Microsoft for Xbox Live they are paying for the servers that host the game, whether it is leader boards or actually matchmaking. Your $50 a year is supposed to cover any and all expense to play your game online, minus the cost of your Internet connection.

Enter EA with their Online Pass.

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dizzleK3957d ago

all xbl is is a portal, you're paying for access to that portal, you're not paying for ea's servers or anything.

heres an easy solution-don't buy these games. if you're unhappy with something than go without. send ea or whoever a letter explaining why you won't be buying their games. simply bitching about it solves nothing.

rockleex3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Exactly why I will never pay for Live.

Maybe if my money actually went to dedicated servers then I actually wouldn't mind paying for it.

Or if paying for Live meant you will never have to pay for specific games, as it would cover all the games.

omi25p3956d ago Show
BubblesDAVERAGE3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Xbox live and psn + are nothing a could argue the combo of psn and psn + is better than xbox live but + by itself is a different product...( Stop being a super fanboi) Even I a playstaion Fan is getting annoyed

thewrathman3957d ago

what this guy says is fair this point:

'Your $50 a year is supposed to cover any and all expense to play your game online, minus the cost of your Internet connection'.

where in psn or xbl small print does it say this?

and before any ps3 fanboy say 'xbl is laggy p2p' they suggest ALL GAMES on the ps3 are hosted on dedicated severs.which is far from true.about 4 ps3 exclusives are.

but if i do have to pay ea to play online with a pre-owned i goin to ale to play this game online in 5 years?

if 1 person buys an EA game day one,trades it in day 2 for £15.then i go in buy that game for £3 less than new price (say£37)then get hit by EA for £10 to play actually payin £47 for that game.madness.but that original owner is no longer playin this game thus there is no extra weight on the can they justify this?so your actually paying for them to log you on their scoreboards and matchmake your game.

dragonelite3957d ago

We can all complain about EA being anal about used games.
But those used games are full profit for the store nothing gets to EA now they can get $10 for that used copy. Ea needs to life and compete against Activision because if EA falls gaming as we know will die and kotick will have his money milking wishes come true.

thewrathman3957d ago

no dragon..its just capitalisim at its extreme.they get their piece of the pie 1st time around.they could persue retailers for the 2nd piece but they would be told to fuk off.its easier to fleece the poor man.

hazelamy3956d ago

dragon, when you say the publisher gets no benefits that's simply not true.
firstly, most games are traded in to buy new games, i would say the biggest beneficiary of this is ea with their annual roster update, identikit sports games.
second, many store rely on these preowned sales to stay open when they cut into their own profits selling the publisher's games below rrp, without the preowned sales income they might have to start charging full rrp, which would probably mean less sales, and in extreme cases could even go out of business, and without these smaller stores they would be stuck with the big high street chains who would use their position to force the publishers to charge them less for their game or they'll stop selling them.
third, considering just about every game now has dlc, they will get another chance to sell a set of dlc with the same copy of the game.

and think about this, what would be better for the publisher?
the first buyer continuing to play the game, or the first user trading it in for the new version and playing that, given that the first game is still only being played by the one person, and server costs are negligible given that they're just used for matchmaking for a peer to peer game, and now they also have a sale for their new version.
where they wouldn't if the original buyer kept his copy.

Rocket Sauce3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Some of these articles might be a little dramatic, but I expect people to be outraged over this. If you buy used games, EA is sticking it to you.

It's pretty ridiculous for someone to have to make three separate payments just to play a used xbox game online.

HolyOrangeCows3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Watching consoles get online fees and forms of DRM makes me sad.

KozmoOchez3956d ago

and reclaim the sports market by advertising free online for new and used games...I would really like to see 2k dominate sports videogame market - EA only has 1 more season of exclusive NFL rights so maybe 2K has been secretly working on a game for the past few years

Hopefully sony is working on one too and will bring back Gameday(but with the polish of MLB The Show). Some people may have forgotten Gameday was #1 for a while waaayyyy back.

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jack who3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

the problem here is xbl was how u said it" servers that host the game, whether it is leader boards or actually matchmaking" yes but ppl like you and i b!tch about dedicated servers and that were the problem is...when you go online with any of ea's game you are moved from xbl too ea's dedicated servers.

i for one prefer my old p2p but noooo everyone wants dedicated servers now you log too ea's servers and when they need sum money they shut the servers down and make you pay for a game aka all their spots game

skrug3957d ago

why do you want p2p over dedicated? especially when you are playing for xbl?

jack who3957d ago

cuzz of what ea is doing and cuzz of shuting down servers

dktxx23957d ago

ONE company ruins dedicated servers for you?

MovieScouse0073956d ago

'cuzz'? Oh you mean 'because'.
English is slowly being strangled to death.
That is the greater tragedy.

El_Colombiano3957d ago

Too bad there isn't an option named "stupid statement" when you bubble somebody down. Dedicated servers are *always* better than p2p. There is no argument.

IHateYouFanboys3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

100% incorrect. you obviously have very little to no knowledge of how the internet and networking works. we both live 30 minutes outside of the main city.

to prove my point - i want to play Uncharted 2 online with my next door neighbour. i have and 8mb/s connection, he only has 512kb/s.

P2P: i host the match on my machine, my upload and download are incredibly fast, and even though his are slow, the data only has to travel 10 metres, so there is literally no lag as data travels 10m in milliseconds or less.

Dedicated Server: the dedicated server is in the main city, 30 minutes drive away, so say 50km. i have no problem playing a seemingly lag-free match as my upload and download are both very fast. my neighbour though, his super slow internet now has to send data (upload) 50km, have the server do the computing, then download data from the server 50km away. so what once took <1ms to do is now taking 2 seconds.

so now on my screen, i see him jumping all over the place, lagging, because his upload isnt fast enough to constantly tell the server where he is at all times.

on his screen, he not only jumps about but also sees me jumping all over the place because his download speed isnt fast enough to get a constant stream from the dedicated server telling his console where i am at all times.

so in this instance - and many, many more like this - P2P is 100% better than Dedicated Servers. consider yourself proven wrong.

on to the topic at hand: Microsoft are doing nothing wrong, and quite frankly, i have no problem with EA and other publishers/developers charging USED GAME BUYERS a fee to play the game online.

some people are misunderstanding - if you go and buy the game BRAND NEW, there is NO extra charge to play online. you only have to buy this EA Pass thing if you buy the game second hand. why? because when you go and buy an EA game second hand, EA dont see a single cent of that money you just handed over. the shop keeps it all.

so if the shop bought UFC Undisputed 2010 for $70 off EA, and then sold it new for $100, they just made $30 and EA made $70. someone then trades that game back in for $20 to the same shop. now EA has still only made $70, the shop has made $80. now that same shop sells that same copy of UFC 2010 for $80. the shop has now made $160 of a single game, while EA have still only made $70. 2 people essentially bought the game, but EA only get money for one sale.

so EA are quite rightly fed up with this and say, well if you are going to re-sell the game, we want a part of that money so we'll make every subsequent person who buys that game give us some money too.

IMO its completely fair, and its got NOTHING to do with microsoft. the only people who think this is something to blame microsoft for are the sony-brigade.

MovieScouse0073956d ago

IHateYouFanBoys has a point, the problem is he then shoots himself in the foot by claiming it is a Sony fanboy issue.
PS3 owners will also have to buy the pass to play the used game too.
The article isn't blaming Microsoft for EA's actions mearly for condoning them. Since PS3 users are not yet forced to 'pay to play' all their games it's less of an issue for Sony, which is why the article focuses on the xbox.

El_Colombiano3956d ago


You have a great point, and I admit that is the exception.

skrug3955d ago


well that is only good if theres only a couple of players going to your P2P.
If there were more users all the data goes to you then is transfer back to each user, hence "host advantage" of course is related to netcode.

"so if the shop bought UFC Undisputed 2010 for $70 off EA, and then sold it new for $100, they just made $30 and EA made $70. someone then trades that game back in for $20 to the same shop. now EA has still only made $70, the shop has made $80. now that same shop sells that same copy of UFC 2010 for $80. the shop has now made $160 of a single game, while EA have still only made $70. 2 people essentially bought the game, but EA only get money for one sale.

your math is wrong.

EA: $70
Gameshop: $30 - $20 + $80 = $90 not $160

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dragonelite3957d ago

P2P can be as good as dedicated server if only the host search mechanic is good.
Don't know who played the Halo:Reach beta but that game's netcode was like formula 1 car so fast same with mw 2 netcode. And if one thing rather have 6vs6 p2p with good netcode then shitty dedicated servers like EA has for a long time they didn't work or were laggy as hell. Hope for next gen we can somehow change our 360 and ps 3 in dedicated servers for live and psn.

xplosneer3957d ago

How about a game that supports both dedicated servers and P2P for long term support?

hazelamy3956d ago

but ea's titles still run peer to peer don't they?
the ea servers are just doing matchmaking from what i've read and one of the players hosts the game.

M_Prime3956d ago

Dedicated servers are nice but pain in the ass on consoles because if EA takes them down then you have NO ONLINE..

i bought LOTR, the one thats like STARWARS BATTLEFRONT.. and i played online a bit.. then 1 day i pop it in and SERVERS ARE GONE!

do 1/2 the achievements i can't get and i can't play the best part of the game.. that game sucks balls offline

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ZombieNinjaPanda3957d ago

I though when you pay for Xbox Live you pay for the whole service being connected and also the ability to play online? You don't pay for their servers, microsoft does not host any servers, the developers do.

So wtf is this article talking about?

Biggunz3957d ago

It's because most dimwits think that M$ actually host all the game servers.

ThanatosDMC3957d ago

Exactly. Also, it's not just the devs but also a gamer host's internet connection.

newhumanbreed3957d ago

Well, looks like I won't be picking up any EA games any time soon.

omi25p3956d ago

so u going to buy like 3 games this year then? because crysis medal of honnor, dead space, all star wars games, apb, all mentionable sports games portal 2 are almost all the games out this year

Bnet3433957d ago

The article is about EA's online pass. He is saying sort of like "Why should I pay for an MMO, if I pay for Xbox Live?" He is saying the same thing about EA's online pass. I guess he should not buy EA games then.

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