Top 5 Events and Incidents In Video Games

Koku writes: "Every so often, events that transpire in video games demand the attention of gamers, the media, and politicians everywhere. Sure some of these events stir up a bit of controversy, but others tell tales that we just marvel in, and become completely amazed that something like this could actually happen. Some of these events create frustration, while others create a feeling of unity and belonging. This is a list of 5 events that I reflect back upon and really consider that gamers have really understood the importance of creating experiences for themselves. Whether their good or bad, or even odd and just nearly unthinkable experiences."

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cb8103961d ago

The Halo story is definitely the most interesting. I would have stuck around as long as possible too

Ziriux3961d ago

Yea, they lasted a good few weeks, but eventually had to sleep.

SuperStrokey11233961d ago

Thats a shitty list (except the wow thing was great), here are just a few things that should be on a list.

- Collapse of the market in the 80s
- Nes saves the console market
- Sony/ MS enter gaming
- Sega/ Atari no longer make hardware

I realize that these are not the type of "events" hes trying to get at he really should be more clear as these "events" are far larger and far more important.

Ziriux3961d ago

I agree with your list for that type of article, but yea not to bad on what he's got on his list.

jerethdagryphon3960d ago

those are events concerning video games these are events in video games

SuperStrokey11233960d ago

Ok fair enough but there are still far better examples, then how about perfect pac man score? The King of Kong competition? 120 fps in Quake for jumping, I could go on and on.

His list also is far from just being events in games as Halo 2 running is an event concerning gaming more than an event in a game at least in my opinion.

Aphe3961d ago

Top 5 Zzzzzz.......Top 10 Zzzzzzzz......Why Zzzzzzzzzz.......How Zzzzzzzz.....Who will win the war between Zzzzzzz.......Zzzzzzzzz......

Ziriux3960d ago

Your comment makes me go zzzzzzzzzzz.

Pandamobile3961d ago

God that EVE Online story was fricking epic.

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