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ONM: Tournament Of Legends is so bad that it's actually pretty entertaining. As a videogame, it is poorly thought-out, badly executed and so dated it's laughable. And yet you'll get quite a few more laughs out of this than a lot of other games. In a sense, it's the pinnacle of what every bad game should aspire to be.

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SpoonyRedMage3969d ago

You know it'd weird that the one positive review for this game is from Jim Sterling...

tunaks13969d ago

yikes thats bad!
Advice from most reviewers I've seen,
"go buy TsVSCap instead"

ebgeer3969d ago

This game would have been great if they kept it as the Gladiator AD and it was supposed to use the WiiMotion+. I know they were trying to target a different audience with the changes, but it could have been something great---They turned a mature dueling game into a childs waggle control game. And to think the game got props at last years E3--and it comes out now for a $30 shovelware garbage game. Thanks Sega---way to ruin the game. High Voltage needs to take a stand on their original direction.

ChickeyCantor3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

The original looked static as hell.