ModNation Monday: Sweet Tooth Strikes Back

A New Modnation Racers Add On will be hitting the Playstation Store this week.This new add on is Sweet Tooth and his Ice Cream Truck. If you don't know who Sweet Tooth is, he is the Mascot and one of the main characters of the Twisted Metal Franchise. Sweet Tooth and his Ice Cream Truck will be coming to the Playstation store this week together for 1.99.

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T9X693080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Oh very nice, only problem I have with this is Sweet Tooth looks a little to "clean", where his kart is pretty dirty. Still awesome though, can't get enough of Modnation Racers, very addicting game.

Davoh3080d ago

Sweet Tooth Mod looks both adorable and psychotic =) win win

jeseth3080d ago

Modnation is awesome. What a blast. Every PS3 owner needs this game. Its so FUN!

Terarmzar3080d ago

sounds really cool. will have to check this one out.

xYLeinen3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Agree :o

One thing annoys me tho.

250 000 Creation XP points for the damn gold trophy.. What the heck is up with that.. I can understand that they want the trophy to be a bit long term, but seriously, this will take forever for a LOT of people including me..


Got a PM that this is likely bug and the real amount needed is 2 500 XP. Also checked this up, and it seems to be very true.

Colonel-Killzone3080d ago

I feel your pain for trophies like that lol.

TimeSkipLuffy3080d ago

Are you afraid you can't keep up with others because you stuck with that platinum? ;) don't forget to play games for fun ^^.

xYLeinen3080d ago

Not sure if you are trying to judge me or define me, but I enjoy my games very much thank you.

Reasons behind my trophy gathering is that I think trophies bring forth many other aspects of games I would maybe not try, and I get encouraged to do different things.

+ I'm a completion whore as well..

SuperStrokey11233080d ago

neat... now just get the damn patch out.

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