The 10 Biggest Gaming Innovations, Ever.

Meodia looks back at the technology and advancements that have changed the face of gaming.

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BakedGoods3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

...but there are a couple cop-outs in here:

3D Gaming: Not innovative, this was the natural progression of technology and game design. Super Mario 64 was arguably innovative not because it was in 3D but because it showed developers how to design games in 3D.

Analog Stick: Same thing, a natural evolution of the D-Pad (which is an important innovation) and even technically came before the D-Pad (in that sense it IS innovative, but this makes the D-Pad more of a down-grade).

CDs: Ditto, natural progression of technology. That's like saying CD decks in cars is a huge automobile innovation.

Online Multiplayer: Again, a natural evolution, not innovation. The structure of multiplayer games can be innovative like Team Fortress introducing class/team-based gameplay, or CS creating a hardcore completely skill-based elimination style of competition.

Anyway, besides this, I'm glad people are reflecting more on the gaming industry than on flamewars. Good read.

PoSTedUP3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Nintendo glove

virtual boy

[nintendo was ahead of its time.]

wii nunchucks

duck hunt gun (or the one in arcade, which ever came first, if either)

motion tilt in controller (believe the warhawk for ps1 did it first)

first hand held gaming device (tomagotchie or pocket station) im so wrong lol.

PSeye toy

============================= ==

im not certain on any of these, speak up if you know otherwise. but this would be my list.

"anyway, besides this, I'm glad people are reflecting more on the gaming industry than on flamewars. Good read"

i agree 100%, thats the way to think, i/we really should be putting the console war aside, +bubs.

PoSTedUP3970d ago

it didnt play games where you see yourself on screen and can touch, interact and move objects with your body parts. it didn't have any games, it was just a camera... my gameboy had a camera... it took funny pictures.

Urrakia343970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

@BakedGoods very well written comment and lots of good points.

ThatArtGuy3970d ago

I do have to say that I laughed when I saw the TV they used for the #1 slot. It's the TV I imagine people owning when they say, "HD games/movies aren't needed!"

SuperStrokey11233970d ago

A natural progression is still innovation. Progress is progress. DOnt see how this is hard to understand.

Gue13970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Innovation is something unexpected like portable music... Going from 480i to 1080p is not innovation, that's just natural evolution.

BakedGoods3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

...using the term 'innovation' simply for progress works in some business circles, but in reality things are determined 'innovative' when they take a current product and derive something new and different which generates new revenue streams.

Going from cartridges to CDs didn't get more people into gaming, like say the Wiimote did. People didn't all of a sudden take up gaming because of the analog stick, rather the Nintendo-led unique game design found in 3D games led more people to play--that's innovative.

TheBuIIetSponge3970d ago

Not 3D display, in game 3D environments. Like Mario 64.

Dac2u3970d ago

BakedGoods: Innovation simply means creating something new, it has nothing to do with creating new revenue streams. Starfox on the SNES was innovative. You're right, it was a natural progression for game design, but doesn't mean it wasn't something new a.k.a. innovative.

Online Multiplayer - How can you not think playing Doom over a phone line in the early 90's is considered innovative? I think you're too wrapped up in what occurs today, rather then putting yourself in the shoes of the people that saw these things happen firsthand.

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Colonel-Killzone3970d ago

I think most of this is just evolution in gaming not really innovating.

Aphe3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

I'd say the D-Pad and the analogue stick were pretty innovative. I'll put it another way, could you see gaming without them now?

Spydr073970d ago

Why not just put "the controller" then?

I'm actually surprised the console didn't make the list since it brought games to a much more affordable market for those who couldn't afford a PC.

I think adding story to games was an early innovation. I wonder what the first storyline based game was.

Question for Colonel-Killzone and others:
In a sense, the entire list could be written off as the natural advent of gaming today and you could say none of it was innovative. So, what do you think is innovative about gaming and why is it so different from what you disagree with in the article?

Aphe3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Actually gaming was affordable on my little old Spectrum 48k, and that was far more affordable than a console when they came out. But bringing the controller into gaming (WHICH INCLUDED THE D-PAD WHICH WAS NEW AT THE TIME BECAUSE I'D PLAYED WITH A JOYSTICK UNTIL THAT POINT WHICH WAS JUST A STICK YOU POINTED IN A DIRECTION WITH A SINGLE BUTTON) was quite innovative.

But carry on.

Shepherd 2143970d ago

The author didnt just say "the controller" because the analogue stick and the D-pad because the came about at different times.

The D-pad was on the NES controller in the 80's, but the analogue stick never became mainstream until the PS1 and N64 used them in the mid-90's.

HopSkotch3970d ago

Wireless controllers....honestly did anyone like playing 15 feet away from ur tv? lol

ipwnall3970d ago

Pretty good list. Agreed with most points.

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