Can the Playstation 3 Push 3-D Into the Mainstream?

Something funny happened on the stage of Sony's press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year. Kaz Hirai, Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, stood on stage and proclaimed the PlayStation 3 will do for 3D what it did for Blu-ray.

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deadreckoning6663963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Umm no. 3D movies like Avatar will push 3D into the mainstream.

@JustTheFactsMr- Thank you. Hows the weather 2day?

@Imperator- This scenario isn't the same as HDTVs

1. HDTVs didn't require everyone watching to wear expensive glasses.

2. When HDTV's first came out, there was a very good amount of content for them. Many channels quickly made the move to HD. Also, the original Xbox made good use of HDTVs to make multiplatform games look better than their PS2 counterparts. Right now, there is BARELY any cable content lined up for 3D in the Home except for sports channels.

3. In order for someone to get full use out of their 3D set, there gunna need a Blu-Ray/3D player or a PS3. Thats more money right there.

Hideo_Kojima3963d ago

The PS3 being 3D capable might help though...

I am sure I wouldn't go out and buy a BluRay player and a 3DTV to watch 3D content.

But since I have a 3D capable machine and I will get some 3d capable games like KZ3 it will motivate me to get a 3DTV to get the full expirience...

Otherwise I will feel as if am playing 1080p games on a 50" 720p TV.

blitz06233963d ago

I personally think it's gonna be tougher than blu ray, but give it time and it could possibly make 3D a popular choice.

nveenio3963d ago

Expensive? Seriously? My first HDTV was purchased in 2007. It was 47" 1080p for $1700. I bought one recently, too. 42" 1080p for $550. Things have changed. But that's not why I'm calling you out. Here's why:

In my Best Buy ad this week, there's a special going on. You can get a 50" 3D TV, a 3D BluRay player, a 3D movie and 4 pairs of 3D glasses for.....wait for it....wait for it....$1999. That also includes BestBuy's in-home setup.

That's a REALLY good price for new technology. There are MILLIONS of people that will shell out the money for a new TV. To say there's not is stupid. Sony has been making TVs since before we were born. They know what people will buy.

Tony-A3963d ago

I can't predict these things anymore.

If you were to predict the future of gaming, I would've never predicted motion controls taking off.

If you were to tell me which format would win, I would've said HD DVD over Blu-Ray because it sounds closer to DVDs and had combo-packs where you can play them on DVDs. How could they not win? Psh...

If you were to ask me who had a chance at overtaking Titanic at the box office, I would have said either Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Spiderman. Not another James Cameron movie that could easily be re-titled "Blue Pocahontas".

And if you were to ask me if Facebook would overtake MySapce, I would've said "Nope. It's too hard to use."

If you were to ask my if Apple would EVER overtake Microsoft and actually become "cool", I would have said "not a chance in hell."

Mainstream appeal is one of the 7, 8 or 9 wonders of the world (however many we have now). How could you ever predict some of the things that became so popular? The Internet, computers, TV, Michael Jackson, porn, video games and cell phones were all doubted by some of the most intelligent minds in the world and look what they became.

JustTheFactsMr3963d ago

"Hows the weather 2day? "

Where do you live? :)

sikbeta3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Playstation 3 WILL Push 3-D Into the Mainstream

Remember, The PS3 is not only Gaming Console, it's a Blu-Ray Player capable of playing Blu-Ray Movies in 3D at the same time

The PS3 made Blu-Ray the Mainstream and is going to do the same for 3D,Sony alone can Push 3D with all of their Divisions, but this time all the Electronic Manufacturers are Pushing 3D and want it to be Mainstream...

rockleex3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

HD-DVD was cheaper
HD-DVD sounds like DVD, something people are already familiar with
porn backed HD-DVD

The fact that Bluray even had to battle for the new standard makes it twice as hard to push.

While 3D on the other hand, is already standardized.

Whether you guys like it or not, non-3D-capable HDTV's are already being phased out.

As a manufacturer raises their HDTV refresh rates, it will naturally allow them to implement 3D on their TVs at no extra cost. So why wouldn't they implement it if they can, when all their competitors are offering it?

As people start to replace their TV sets, they'll start to realize that their new HDTV's can do 3D. When they go shopping for movies like Avatar, they would naturally choose the 3D version since their TV is capable of displaying 3D.

It won't happen overnight. But it will take about as long as the switch from black and white to color TVs.

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AntoineDcoolette3963d ago

I hate to say it being a PS3 only owner but its going to be difficult to push 3D into the main stream with $1,000 televisions and glasses that come off feeling a bit gimmicky. If anything is going to push 3D gaming into the mainstream its going to be Nintendo's 3DS with its 3D filter and glasses free effects.

klado3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Did you freaking read what one of the guy above wrote...DID YOU? let me rewrite it here.

In my Best Buy ad this week, there's a special going on. You can get a 50" 3D TV, a 3D BluRay player, a 3D movie and 4 pairs of 3D glasses for.....wait for it....wait for it....$1999. That also includes BestBuy's in-home setup.

That deal is huge dude, by comparing it with the HD start...ok I myself want a 3DS, but how can a device that can barely offer a capable 3D effect not enjoyable by an amount of people but one? introduce 3D to the mainstream...kid are not the only habitant of this world, there are real adult that would use a 3DS to watch a 3D movie over a 50" 3DTV, and where as with a 3DTV your whole family can enjoy though by the using of the glasses.

I saw a 3DTV without glasses, and still the one with glasses give a better experience than the one without it, clearly would still be better dishing the glasses, but for the experience that it offer, I prefer the glasses for a while, wait till you get a chance of playing motorstom with it, but sure, not convince of you having a ps3 at all lol.

klado3963d ago

LOL, wrong damn typo... that wouldn't use a 3DS to...

Imperator3963d ago

Just wait a while. Prices WILL go down. Remember how much HDTVs cost when they first came out? Same thing here, early adopters will pay more, but it'll eventually become affordable.

creatchee3963d ago

The affordability will get better with time - no question. The question is really if people WANT to wear glasses to watch movies/TV. For us (gamers) and younger people, that's probably a "yes" if it is done properly. However, a lot of older people may have a problem with this (who account for a large percentage of purchases of tech). Add in the fact that you need glasses for everyone who wants to watch, and there might be a little problem catering to larger families and people who watch stuff with groups of friends.

I myself bought a $5,000 dollar TV 5 years ago. I have gotten tons of use out of it, but I will fix whatever breaks (if I can) and not really be looking for a new one until the thing literally falls apart. I'm sure that I'm not alone.

However, the tech looks AWESOME. 3-D movies have come a long way since the old Blue-Red glasses and 3-D gaming may be the next great level of immersion for us techno junkies.

As with everything, time will tell.

Donny3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

none of you on this website will ever know until it happens. exept me

Jaces3963d ago

They brought blu-ray into the mainstream, why not 3D?

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MariaHelFutura3963d ago

I don`t know, but they got a pretty good track record of accomplishing just that with other things.

JustTheFactsMr3963d ago

46" Samsung 3D TV with 240HZ plus free starter kit includes TWO pairs of glasses - $1699. On sale $1399
46" Samsung 2D TV with 120Hz plus err nothing - $2099. On sale $1699

When the same size 3D from the same mfg is $500 CHEAPER than the 2D set at REGULAR price no pushing will be necessary.

2D TV has a bigger sale discount and is still $300 more than 3D.

arakouftaian3963d ago

but i want my 3d tv 55'' or 65'' no less once they hit around $2000-2500 count me in

The real killer3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Don't buy this crapsung, it's way less quality what you expect.
That's why i have a Sony brand 3D LED TV.

Samsung only copy from other and release way to soon with them crap technolochy.

Sorry, i have bad experience with Samsung.

Imperator3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

The Max I'd pay for a TV is 1500-1600 bucks. 2000+ is way too much for my budget, so I'll probably have to wait a year or two before jumping into 3D.

newhumanbreed3963d ago

Mitsubishi WD-60738 60-Inch 1080p 3D DLP HDTV for $1,318.98 and Free Shipping on Amazon lol

AK463963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Awesome prices, I plan on getting 3D Tv right before KZ3 comes out. During that time hopefully 3D will be a lot lower. When the Vizios, LG and the semi budget 3D TVs come out, it will only lower 3D prices. Competition is good for us consumers.

SonyNGP3963d ago

It has no freakin' component ports!

And then people tell me to go buy an HDMI-less PS2 to play PS2 games!

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frankymv3963d ago

I think the Nintendo 3DS will do better job of pushing 3D mainstream.

Hideo_Kojima3963d ago

no nintendo 3DS will stop people from buying Shutter glasses 3d tvs...

If anything it will make people wait for glass free tvs because they will think its 1 or 2 years away although its more like 5+

sikbeta3963d ago

It's more like 5 years, to accomplish that, all the Electronic Manufacturers would need to Put Loads of Cash and Time in R&D, people don't get this when think about the glassless 3DS and think it can work with Bigger Displays and knowing N got no stake in Electronic Developments, people will realize about that IF Nintendo release a 3D-Home Console...

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