Got a Slow Trigger Finger? Solution: BGRMods IntensaFire

TGA writes: Wanna shoot faster in games and not get banned on XBOX Live or PSN? Easy: The Intensafire mod from BGRMODS is the key to your wildest FPS dream. Unlike the highly illegal and highly bannable rapid fire controller mod you may see being sold on your local craigslist, this cool little gadget simply gives your controller a boost during game play, without any worry of getting banned from online, because technically it is just a boost for your slow trigger finger and does not give you the power to somehow shoot faster than humanly possible.

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dizzleK3967d ago

only pitiful noobs need sh*t like this. how effin sad are you if you need to open your controller and solder in a mod just to be able to compete?

Hideo_Kojima3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

very very sad...

I bet this are the people that would get bots on PC RPG games and have them do all the clicking while they are watching TV.

StanLee3966d ago

I think has hit an all time low! How did this get on the front page? We're promoting modded controllers now? Which is essentially, cheating.

DarkTower8053966d ago

Where have you been? There are always front page articles about cheating, hacking consoles/games, glitching, hentai porn filled articles, flaimbait articles, etc.

theonlylolking3967d ago

I have a fast trigger finger but now most games have a cap on how fast you can shoot no matter how fast you are pressing the shoot button =(

jjesso19933967d ago

you get banned for 5 days on live for using these people notice and report you 1st reports like 5 days then 7 days then 2 weeks then 3 weeks ect someone i know has one these its so bad you need resort to somthing like this to win at game but he has reported so many times he is baned for like 3 months.

rodeoo3967d ago

Ive been using a modded controller for about a year now..never been banned. I even tell people i have it when they ask. People generally don't care cause i suck just as much with it as i do without it.

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The story is too old to be commented.