Kinect Optional Games On The Way

Xboxic reports: "A new line-up of games where the use of Kinect is optional is inbound, since promotional material has revealed a "Better With Kinect Sensor" tag line to promote controller based games where the Kinect Sensor can be used, but is not required."

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Omega43027d ago

Hopefully Mass Effect 3 is one of these games

Hank Hill3027d ago

If they put Kinect in Mass Effect 3 then I'll buy the PC version.

Software_Lover3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Since its OPTIONAL

And the fact that Kinect will be used on pc in the future also.

And I'm with you. I wouldn't play Mass Effect 3 with move, let alone Kinect.

Hallmark Moment3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Using Kinect with ME3 can not even be compared to using Move. If anything PS eye would make more sence. Have you even played ME2? Kinect would make ME3 great. Voice commands instructing squad power use, and cover not to mention the dialog scenes would make use of the voice and face sensing. Fucin PS3 fanboys trolling.

krisprolls3027d ago

@Hallmark : stop with this voice command bullshit.

Any 10 $ micro would be enough to use voice commands, on PS3 or PC it would be exactly the same.

Kinect has nothing to do with it, and voice commands are useless anyway, it's always faster and more precise to use buttons instead.

Otherwise you would have seen voice commands in games for 10 years, since it's been available long long ago.

zootang3027d ago


We all have it in our phones and not many people use it. This goes to prove what you are saying isn't nonsense.

Software_Lover3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

I bought Mass Effect 2 first day. Went straight to the hardest difficulty. Completed every mission and side mission. Got every upgrade. Had the loyalty of every squad mate. Defeated the collectors, and survived. My only regret is that Mordin died for some unknown reason, LOL.

Great game, but voice commands would not work unless they were PERFECT. And no console, or pc, can do that as of yet. Hell speech to text programs barely work.


Dialing a phone number by voice can in no way, shape, or form, be directly compared to playing a video game, as complex as Mass Effect, using voice commands.

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thisisxbox3027d ago

Yeah ME3 would be a good choice, and Im hoping somehow the new Call of Duty by Sledgehammer Games may have it too.

MajestieBeast3027d ago

Yeah cause fps with kinect would be such a good idea...

dragonelite3027d ago

Cause headtracking in fps is so freaking boring if at any it only makes it more real. Lets say you're prone with a sniper instead of moving the aim reticule that would make character move his body. With kinect you can use headtracking to look around and your character will only move its head so your harder to spot and use motion increase so in real life you move your head 10 degree the ingame character will move his 30 degree.

krisprolls3027d ago

so what ? you make pew pew pew with your mouth and it shouts ?

Seriously no... It doesn't work : it's exhaustive, it lacks precision compared to buttons. Kinect is clearly a no / no for every FPS, or any core game for that matters.

With PS Move it would make sense though, that's why Move will be supported in Socom and Killzone 3.

Bigpappy3026d ago

Good, I think I just solved all of your concerns. I believe they are plenty of good things thay can add to all games, including FPS, that would add gameplay elements that could not be done with just the controller. Instead of coming here and yelling "Fail!", I will wait and see what developers com up with.

Hank Hill3027d ago

Hmmmmm, where did MS get that idea?

HolyOrangeCows3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

From Thatherton!

stephmhishot3027d ago

This is a great way to utilize Kinect. Clearly Kinect only games (at this point) appear to have some limitations (on-rail gameplay being the most glaring). But a Kinect+Controller combination might enhance gaming in some interesting ways.

thisisxbox3027d ago

Yeah I agree with that, has given me new hope that future big releases could enable this - even if I can play Call of Duty with the controller, but use voice commands for other things...

You never know!

asyouburn3027d ago

you, plus the 360 controller, ARE the controller!!!

36T3027d ago

Whatever happened to paying attention instead of trying too hard to be funny?

asyouburn3027d ago

would you use kinect to throw grenades when you could just use RB? would you use it for menus when you could just hit back button? would you substitute it for anything a controller could do faster and easier?

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