GameSpy Drops InfoGraphic on Red Dead Redemption

GrE says, "Look, we’re not number crunchers, but we know good data analysis when we see it. Check out this infographic from GameSpy, who tracked the thousands of data points for its millions of players of Red Dead Redemption during the first two weeks of release."

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roblef3961d ago

I just started playing this today. It's pretty slow, but I like it.

greedyraven3960d ago

Those stats are pretty cool. I didn't know they were tracking all of that. Makes you wonder what they would be like if they could track the offline users.

roblef3960d ago

Yeah, that's a really good point. This is just the multiplayer stuff. Not a lot of info on how many cattle herded. :)

ewanaiton523960d ago

Red Dead is awesome. I am loving it although I haven't had as much time with it as I'd like...