Reaching New Heights in Michael Bay: The Gam- I Mean, uh, Crackdown 2

So last night, (or rather, this morning) I went to bed around 4AM. And do you know why I went to bed around 4AM? Because I was playing Crackdown 2 for hours and hours. Forgive me, for this is probably the first full-length console game I’ve had since Red Dead Redemption was released (and Bioshock 2 before it) as I haven’t had time to play games until recently. But I will make time for Crackdown 2. And do you know why?

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gynecologistcobra3027d ago

You can also get to a high enough agility that you can jump on top of the helicopter and ride it to infinity. Well, until it disappears.

greeneggsnsam3027d ago

I don't know if I think that's brilliant or bad design.

Hell, it can be both!

Sigmarue3027d ago

I find that being attached to a helicopter via mag grenade is very rewarding.

CrzyFooL3027d ago


yoshiroaka3027d ago

I think if any game is a Michael Bay game it would be Modern Warfare 2.
That just screams of his MO.

CobraKai3027d ago

I totally agree. And with his military connections he could totally do it.

Kingdom Come3027d ago

I can't wait for this game, such fun!

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The story is too old to be commented.