Leap In, Crackdown 2 May Surprise You

RespawnAction says, "When Crackdown was released back in 2007, there was a huge buzz about it. Why? One reason was the idea of a new, futuristic open world sandbox game in which you gain awesome super powers and take it to the criminal scum of the streets. You were the cop in this game, and better yet, a super agent that kicked so much ass that even ass kicking wasn't enough, you could kick a car sky high. Again, this was one reason why the game had a nice little following. Didn't hurt that the mind behind the Grand Theft Auto series was also behind Crackdown."

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CoffeewithChess3968d ago

the first one, and I probably won't play this one, as I don't have a 360. Perhaps one day...

respawnaction3968d ago

you should dude, it's a great series imo

CoffeewithChess3967d ago

gets lower in price, I'll pick one up. I only received my PS3 due to it being broken, and I was able to get it fixed.

respawnaction3967d ago

you may as well get the S system now, it's the best deal for the price.

CoffeewithChess3967d ago

remember getting my original Xbox for around $150, maybe $129 used.

If I get one, I would want it to have the HDD, so an arcade isn't what I'm looking at now.

Axis3967d ago

The demo was pretty nice, I was surprised because I didn't really like the first game all that much.

respawnaction3967d ago

it's a fun title that's for sure