Giant Bomb: Crackdown 2 Review

Giant Bomb writes: "While the original Crackdown presented players with a handful of goals, its real appeal was as an open environment for players looking to screw around with another player via Xbox Live. For better or for worse, Crackdown 2 picks up precisely where the first game left off. If you're driven by set goals, you'll complete most of the meaningful tasks in around 10 hours, after which you'll probably shrug and move on. But if you're the type to just get in and blow up random cars with a few friends, well, Crackdown 2 can be a lot more than its missions".

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Kingdom Come3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

However, being a true gamer I don't Judge games on Reviews, especially those based upon numbers and grades, just write a detailed review stating good facts. Instead I judge a game on appearence and experience, having played the Demo, and loving the first title, this will definatley be a purchase for me...

dizzleK3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

i agree. the first one was fun as hell, that's good enough for me to confidently buy the sequel. the score is irrelevant.

edit-2 disagrees because i liked a game? holy shit, get sonys jock out of your mouths before you choke to death.

mrv3213963d ago

Hmm... so how was MW2, you enjoyed MW right? The second one must be an instant purchase.

Maybe it isn't the Sony fans disagreeing MAYBE it's people who played the demo like myself and found it to be mediocore.

Army_of_Darkness3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Especially releasing at this time( infamous 2 makes this garbage look like an nes game)... Damn, even modern warefare 2 had slightly improved graphics!! shame on this Exclusive sequal! shame!!!
I don't care if the gameplay is as fun as the original, It's still an Ugly a$$ game.

if multiplat- 3/5
exclusive- 2/5

HolyOrangeCows3963d ago

All of the reviews say repetitive missions, uglier graphics, issues from the first not fixed (Ex: "The annoying lock-on targeting, which likes to point your weapons at empty vehicles rather than the bad guys standing in front of them, hasn't changed a bit"), short, iffy multiplayer.

It could have been so much more.

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LordMarius3963d ago Show
schlanz3963d ago

But out of the 8 or so scores I've seen, they have all been between a 6-8. True this game is still probably fun but it looks like its not going to live up to anyone's expectations and certainly isn't going to make a big splash critically or commercially.

By the way, not judging games on reviews doesn't make you a "true gamer" lol.. get your head out of your ass. I'll trust the wisdom of crowds over spending the time and money to find out for myself that it isn't worth it. There are too many AAA games these days to justify that.

bioshock12213963d ago

lol really you will trust the "wisdom of crowds" LMAO then you are going to miss out on some great games if that is how you judge games.

There is a demo on Xbox live so you can judge for yourself by playing it. It's also getting plenty of scores in the 9's and higher. Reviews seem mixed in general. Still from the demo I'm getting it.

blue7xx73963d ago

Same here I loved the demo especially protecting the beacons when you are underground with the freaks the amount of freaks that come towards you are insane in a good way. So I'm buying based on my experience with the demo.

Most reviewers who are giving it a 7 seems to not like it because it plays like crackdown 1 except it's more expanded and why are you getting disagrees I don't understand some people in this website.

ER-AM3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

How does ignoring reviews make you a true gamer? I can respect giving the game a chance despite mixed reviews, but to claim that it makes you a "true gamer" is just ridiculous. All it does is make you contrary and an ill-informed consumer. If you think you will enjoy it, by all means, spend your money as you see fit. But don't act like you're better than other people who do look at reviews and decide against certain games. All that does is make you look like an asshole.

Dead_Cell3963d ago

You really are a true gamer.

BattleAxe3963d ago Show
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Sony Fiend3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Giant Bomb !!!

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ActionBastard3963d ago

Rental it is. I trust the Giant Bomb reviews.

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