Kinect Dev Kits Suffering From Stock Shortages

SystemLink; "Think Microsoft have their hands full at the moment? Well, actually, they may be quite empty. SystemLink can exclusively report that the Kinect is in short supply."

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Yahblad3963d ago

It fails now, it will fail in the future.
Good article anyway.


Will "Move", it will fail too.

MaximusPrime3963d ago

i take it that you got more disagree and less agree than Yahblad.

Unlike Kinect, PS MOVE has a bright future.

gynecologistcobra3963d ago


Hah, please explain? Because from what I see, it's the Wii in HD, but expensive.

radphil3963d ago


And isn't Kinect also as well?....What are you trying to point out?

Natsu X FairyTail3963d ago

probably because the bigger and better devs have them. I'd rather have capcom doing a natal game then some nobodies called gusto games.

PhilipLarkin3963d ago

Surely everyone should have one? Why limit your titles to only those 'big enough' when you could get more genres and games by just making more?

Golf seems to appeal to both Casual and Hardcore, so there really seems to be no reason for MS to not give them one...

kidnplay3963d ago

Some of the very best and top-rating games have come from 'nobodies' such as small studios and indie developers, which have turned out to be better than most hyped triple-A titles using the same technology. Size does not directly relate to quality. Gusto is as much a developer as Capcom or any other - they both make games and Gusto are as deserving as Capcom for a development kit.

If Microsoft feel they can pick and choose developers to recieve Kinect dev kits, then they're going to lose industry support for the technology fast.

Nitrowolf23963d ago


I hope you know every company starts as No bodies
Really take a look at Media Molecule
they started as nobody but Sony picked them up and there first game i believe was LBP (if not then i honestly don't know any other games of theirs)

Having Crapcom doing another Sonic game for Kinect, no there are far better games and no name developer out there that can make a better game then a game that died so very long ago.

Hallmark Moment3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

I'm suprised this news might get through because there has been nothing but anti 360 spam being posted since the 360 started outselling the PS3 worldwide. Kinect pre-orders are doing great msft will have major trouble keeping up with demand this holiday. Soccer moms will be fighting over 360's and Kinect at retail in shops this holiday. Haters will claim doom before the devs even show their titles and ideas. Kinect will have full body motion games and motion wand tech.

Focker-4203963d ago

Since when has 360 been outselling PS3 'worldwide'?? In the US yes, but not worldwide.

Source please??

LoydX-mas3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

but then every PS3 supporter will just dismiss it.

Then again, if VGchartz showed the PS3 ahead next week, the same people would use it as fact.


MaximusPrime3963d ago

hello.. there is a bigger world outside USA. PS3 already and still is outselling Xbox360 outside USA. USA is not a world. Try and travel more

MGRogue20173963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

The public doesn't want it... The devs don't want it lol

You know what that means, right? Kinect can Fuck Off. :D

kharma453963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

How about you fuck off with the stupid comments?


Can Wii Ripoff "Move" it can F off too :)

gynecologistcobra3963d ago

How does a shortage in dev kits equate to "no devs want it", you idiot?

jneul3963d ago

wonder if they dropped this peripheral before they even released it??....
probably not as advertising is everywhere for it besides i thought that golf game did not support kinect because it lacked the physical connection you need for proper games (i.e. a controller)

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