Joystiq Review: Crackdown 2

Joystiq writes: "As the always astute Chris Hecker once pointed out, the thing video games do best are power fantasies. While we're literally trying to rescue our family or kill the evil guy, the metaphorical (and arguably more important) journey is in watching our character grow from weakling to demigod, whether that's through the collection of the most powerful weapons or the fastest cars. The balance then is in making the literal journey just present enough that the metaphorical one means something".

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Kingdom Come3030d ago

However, being a true gamer I don't Judge games on Reviews, especially those based upon numbers and grades, just write a detailed review stating good facts. Instead I judge a game on appearence and experience, having played the Demo, and loving the first title, this will definatley be a purchase for me...

ER-AM3030d ago

Because he seems to one of those people that thinks if you repeat something enough, people will believe it.

TOO PAWNED3030d ago

If you dont judge games by reviews, then why are you (obviously) paying attention to them? You repeat same crap in couple of crackdown 2 reviews, seems very incesure if you ask me. You yourself dont believe in BS you wrote.

skynidas3030d ago

wtf, you copy and paste the same shit? lol, at least write something else dude.

redDevil873030d ago

Hes got it copy and pasted for any review thats doesn't give the score he wants lol

Kingdom Come3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

No, its because I have said what I have to say on the matter and I am sticking to it, my opinion doesnt change one article later. If you want me to go in-depth with my opinion then just ask for it through a PM.

@ Dust Gavin
What does a comment on a site have to do with me being a True gamer or not, these are just words, I judge gaming on actually playing titles instead of whining about petty things such as graphics, games are their to be enjoyed, not just stared at...

@ Skynidas

Its just the same as you following a link and reading a review... lol...people these days.

I dont have to justify myself or my opinions to petulant children who squabble about which console is better then which...

skynidas3030d ago

LMAO, PM you to know your opinion? lol... people these days...

bioshock12213030d ago

lol you just copied & pasted your comment from the other story. But I agree It's getting good reviews. 7,8,9 scores I expected that overall. Some reviewers are bashing for the dumbest reasons like not having a great story and being more of the same. That is the point of Crackdown to just have fun.

Yet a few weeks ago they were giving Super Mario Galaxy 2 perfect 10 when that game has no story and it's basically the same as SMG1 a bunch of hypocrites. From what I played from the demo I would give it a 8.5 yes it is more of the same but way more expanded like a sequel should be.

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dustgavin3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

A 'true gamer' does not copy and paste comments about a game he intends to buy on day one. Decent score but definitely a rather mediocre looking game.

Software_Lover3030d ago

Is the look. I'm no Graphics whore by any stretch of the word but I just dont understand why the drastic change to the look of the game. It's f'n ridiculous. Too me it takes away from the game more than it adds to the game.

skynidas3030d ago

Yeah, the look on the first one was far better.

MGRogue20173030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

No offense guys.. but this game looks & plays.. boring.

Crackdown 1 was the same also.. but I'll admit that the Crackdown 2 demo was enjoyable for like 10 minutes & then I deleted it off of my hard drive

Software_Lover3030d ago

But I had lots of fun with crackdown multiplayer. The original crackdown that is. Chasing my brother (he's a marine) through the city and on the rooftops. It was fun. No strategy involved. Somewhat the same with GTA 4 but you had more people in GTA 4.

The randomness is what makes these kind of online games entertaining, and I dont even like online gaming for the most part.

weazel3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Why even bother to comment then mate?
If it was so forgettable, and not for you then surely your not buying it will be enough?
All this 'flop' nonsense is starting to get on my tits though, as 6-8 is an above average score(8 is damn good!). (I guess it's one of the buy it if you like that sort of thing type game.)
Some folk on both sides of the 'fence' need to wind their necks in.

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