Why Subscription-based Gaming Is Here To Stay

NowGamer: It’s rare indeed that golf is entrusted with one of mankind’s major breakthroughs (well, apart from ultra lightweight trousers), but the recent release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online is significant not just for the lack of numbers in its title but for its method of delivery...

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dizzleK3970d ago

and yet they wonder why game sales are continually declining. you have nobody to blame but yourselves for this, you know. every "derp derp no online play? i'll just rent it then" "gamer" is why we are where we are with sh*t like this.

Raz3970d ago

Because I'm never paying extra $$ on top of my $70 per game just to play it online! NEVERRRRRRRRR! I'd sooner be frozen in carbonite.

Crusade3970d ago

I don't care much for online anyway. You really only need one of those per year if you picked a good one. I wish my PC was good enough to play team fortress 2. LBP2 can be my online game I guess.

Titanz3970d ago

Gamers will say, "GTFO" to subscription base gaming.

Rhythmattic3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Problem is, What about the Gamers that do accept it ?

Trust me, this is the Beginning of the end.... (Not EA.. But. eg: the end being an Arse, being Kotick)

CountDracula3970d ago

Hopefully Steam never becomes subscription based cuz then were screwed!

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The story is too old to be commented.