GameFocus Review: Crackdown 2

GameFocus writes: "Realtime Worlds surprised nearly everybody with one of the most fun and addictive experiences of the current generation when it unleashed Crackdown on Xbox 360. It proved it was much more than just the conduit to the Halo 3 beta. Ever since, fans have hungered for more of its unique take on the open-world genre. More super-power-fueled leaping, fighting and explosions. But most of all, we’ve been waiting for more orbs. Three years and one new studio later, dinner is served with Crackdown 2."


- Instant feedback from leveling up
- New Wing Suit and weapons add new ways to have fun
- Revisiting old locations
- 4-player co-op
- So much to collect! --> Orbs FTW!


- Very much the same as the first Crackdown
- A bit hard to tell what your Agent can grab a hold of
- Manual camera controls can ruin your momentum
- Wonky targeting system
- Accessing map details is cumbersome

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xYLeinen3052d ago

"- Very much the same as the first Crackdown "

DelbertGrady3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Not necessarily a con.

N4PS3Fanboys3052d ago

Great! I loved the first Crackdown. I pre-ordered it and bought it Day 1 and I'm not even a Halo fan, so I didn't get it for the beta. 1250/1250 achievement points on that one.

PirateThom3052d ago

There's some games where that would be a negative... but Crackdown was a lot of fun, so I'm not sure where the downside is.

dizzleK3052d ago

somehow i think alot of the people saying "more of the same" are the same ones sitting there stroking themselves to killzone 3 footage. i don't know why i would get that impression here on n4g. :/