Gametactics Crackdown 2 Review - Xbox 360

Crackdown’s fame is similar to the movie Meet Joe Black. If you saw the movie in the theaters, you were treated to the first theatrical trailer for Star Wars: Episode 1. If you bought Crackdown, you got an invite to the Halo 3 beta. So initially most people didn’t care about what they were buying, they cared about what they got with it. But then they played it and lightning struck. It was a phenomenal experience that still stands up today. It was a game that just by looking at it should be mediocre at best but once you started playing, was insanely addictive. Now three years later, with off-shoot developer Ruffian Games and in a much more congested environment, Crackdown 2 is finally landing. Can Crackdown 2 fly to the top like its predecessor or will it succumb to the pressure? Find out as Jeff Markiewicz reviews Crackdown 2 for

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