Analysis: Examining Declining U.S. Console Revenues - What's The Cause?

As he probes May's U.S. console retail results, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews starts with hardware, asking why console sales figures slumped 20% year on year to $241.5 million for the month.

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SupaGamer3968d ago

So it's the Wii's fault.

JsonHenry3968d ago

I think it has more to do with mid 1930s era unemployment figures and a decline in the working persons average salary.

thewrathman3968d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

/\ so true LULZ

i blame the lack of original massive selling new IPs.

sure sony have 21 IP's but the really original new ones havent been steller sellers.UC2,gow3,gt5 sequels and seem to be more focused on the graphics and halo,GoW etc.

personnally the best game i have played in years is RDR.

no originality anymore.its like the movie industry..every new movie is a rehash of something else.

cant blame the price.£40 in the uk since the master system at least.

wot does this mean:'It would appear that PS3 sales have increased so much in the first five months of 2010 that the system has generated roughly the same amount of revenue, despite the price cut'

Bobbykotickrulesz3968d ago


What's the cause!?

Oh I don't know, probably the terrible economy and lack of a steady cashflow for the majority of Americans.

This article is ridiculous.

evrfighter3967d ago

yet pc gaming hardware and software are on the rise.

Looks like people are getting tired of console limitations.


jeseth3967d ago

There hasn't been a consistant flow of good games. They are coming out in buunches. GOW3, ME2, Heavy Rain cluster. Followed by Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, Modnation Cluster and NOTHING in between.

I just think the scheduling of the releases is more to blame than anything. When 3 or 4 awesome games come out within 2 weeks of each other, in today's (American) economy you are forced to make a choice. Not every body can buy 2 or 3 games at once.

Games I bought this year:

Heavy Rain
God of War 3
Modnation Racers
MLB The Show '10
Red Dead

Games I missed that are on my list :

Bioshock 2
Dragon Age Origins : Awakening
Lost Planet 2

dizzleK3968d ago

the industry isn't doing itself any favors with $60 games, 3D this and motion control that. i can see how the hobby could be utterly confusing for a newbie to break into. companies forget that the average consumer is an absolute dope.

i've been gaming for almost 25 years, even i'm starting to get confused and overwhelmed.gaming would be in a much healthier state if they'd just get back to the basics.

pippoppow3968d ago

Progression needed but you have a point. Between the different skus with different features, going full throttle with motion controls and 3d consumers may get confused. Also the economy really is still in bad shape, so money isn't easily leaving people's hands.

OtherWhiteMeat3968d ago

The bad economy is the culprit,millions are unemployed or fear losing their jobs.Gaming is a luxury not a necessity.

ChozenWoan3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

back in the "cartridge" days, game prices got up to $60-$80 each, and suddenly the gaming industry started to stall. Then Sony introduced the $30/$40/$50 tier system and like a nuke, console gaming exploded again. Then this gen, we get hit with every game being $60 regardless of it's true value and gamers rush to the bargin bins... while the professional anal-lists are confused as to why gaming is in a slump.

Good Games at Good Prices. Want me to buy your product, give it a good price. It's a basic fundamental rule of economics.

Anyway, back to gaming.

jetlian3967d ago

your trippin games average 50 bucks in the 80s. only a few games went above that. Games stall becuz nothing was new. then in 94 3d game started to hit homes

jaredhart3968d ago

This is the longest console generation.

jetlian3967d ago

to some degree. nes lasted a good 7 years this one only at 5 so far. but theres overlap on all gaming gens.

Lucreto3968d ago

There are a lot of reasons why it was down over last year.
1. More people out of work compared to last year.
2. People didn't go on holiday last year and spent more on entertainment instead like gaming and saved up on for a holiday this year.
3. The economy is still not recovered and people are spending less and taxes have increased as well as food prices.

Canary3968d ago

There are a finite number of consumers, and with each new console purchase, the pool of possible consumers shrink. The more people who have bought an item, the less people there will be to buy it.

It's a common sense thing. But, I dunno, maybe Americans just don't get it. I can't see any other reason to justify this huge 3DTV marketing blitz to sell more TVs. Obviously, HDTVs will stop selling like hot cakes once a lot of people own them. It's common sense!

jetlian3967d ago

only if your near the total population which we aren't even close to. You lack common sense!!! even hdtvs will still need to be sold why? becuz early adopters tvs will start to break down.

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