Crackdown 2 Reviews Not Convincing You? How About Crackdown 2 for $39.00

The Crackdown 2 reviews are in, and they are looking above average. If $59.99 is too much for you to drop right now, don’t worry, Dell has your Crack hookup

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ClownBelt3026d ago

Seems like the right price for it.

GWAVE3026d ago

That price doesn't inspire confidence. I guess I'll take this summer to catch up on my backlog of games (inFamous, Demon's Souls, and Phoenix Wright).

RageAgainstTheMShine3026d ago

but isn't that too low for a hardcore game?

I mean NSMB Wii is still at $55.00

Are 360 exclusives going down hill?

DelbertGrady3026d ago

Don't need reviews, already played the demo. 7 or 8 times.

T9X693026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

To bad the fixed the damn infinite timer glitch, I didn't even get to use to because I was so busy with MNR. Which sucks because I freakin hate timed demos, I would rather it just end after doing something then be in the middle of something and have to quit.

WildArmed3026d ago

I couldn't get the inf. time to work :(
I hated JC2 demo for the timed thing..
same with Crackdown 2.
I'mma just pick up Crackdown 2 when it hits around 29$ :D
Like i picked up JC2..
I loved Sandbox games.. XD
But since RDR fulfilled my crave, I can wait for Crackdown 2 to go down for a few months.

bjornbear3026d ago

next time a badly reviewed game on another console comes up and you have the urge to troll.

i agree with you though. if you enjoy the game, screw the reviews.


You dont have anything exclusive to play on your favorite console that you have to play the demo of that crappy game 6 or 12 times?

I played the pirate bay version on a friens house and it really sucks... but in the other hand there are a lot of good multiplatform games like SINGULARITY and TRANSFORMERS, so instead of wasting your money on this, try one of the two I mentioned.


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Software_Lover3026d ago

I wish all new games would sell at about 34.99-39.99

aviator1893026d ago

If that were to happen, I'd be so effing happy! Well, me and all of you guys, of course. :)

jakethemuss3026d ago

$90USD count yourself lucky.

EXID3026d ago

walmart usually has new game on sale for a few days, too. i got transformers:wfc and lost planet 2 for 40.

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The story is too old to be commented.