Is Microsoft making a mistake with Hulu and the Xbox 360?

When Hulu Plus was announced last week the only thing more shocking than support for the Playstation 3 in July was Microsoft revealing that they wouldn’t be bringing the $10 a month service to the Xbox 360 until “early 2011." What is the logic behind this decision and is it a bad decision?

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dizzleK3970d ago

so much for ms being the only ones to make you pay for things that should be free....

if the rumors are true, theres no way i'm getting double dipped for both psn+ and "free" tv. netflix streaming is good enough for me.

Queasy3970d ago

I mostly use Hulu to stream some anime. As far as I know, they may not be included with Hulu Plus.

TotalPS3Fanboy3970d ago

You can pick between Media Servers, Netflix, Video Store, Hulu, or whatever.

D4RkNIKON3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

I torrent movies and TV shows on my PC and then stream them wifi to the PS3 using the media server. It works great.

@Jack who - I agree, I have Netflix and while I would like to have Hulu also, it's not worth paying for both of them and if I had to choose, I would stick with Netflix.

blumatt3970d ago

Way to steal. lol Not like everyone hasn't done it but don't openly admit it. haha I try to buy music/movies when I can.

D4RkNIKON3970d ago

I have Netflix too, I only torrent when something I want to see isn't available on Netflix.

EVILDEAD3603970d ago

Author of article is over reacting to get hits..

Hulu Plus isnt a factor at all..nobody is screaming for it..if it's good then cool..we will take it when it finally gets here..

But Netflix already is so good that the Plus wait won't even matter...

Good try cigar

IdleLeeSiuLung3970d ago

Here is the thing, I don't think Hulu Plus will have all those features listed by the author on Xbox Live. However, small social features do make a difference in certain circumstances, such as cross game chat and party system for gaming.

With that said, I don't think the wait will be 6-months between the other devices get them and when Xbox rolls out their Hulu version. Neither do I think anyone is really clamoring for $10/monthly service to Hulu Plus when said content is already available and free on a PC visiting Hulu's own site!

This might change, but it will take years to shift their current user base from PC to consoles (or other set top box).

Due to the high cost, I think Hulu Plus is underwhelming offer FOR ME. Perhaps around $5/month it would be more worthwhile, but if you spend a lot of time on Hulu as it is and like the option of getting a lot of backlogged TV shows then it might be worth it for you.

Netflix is nice and has some TV shows and getting newer content. However, the vast majority is still low quality B movies. I enjoy netflix, but a little disappointed in the vast amount of low quality content.

FragMnTagM3970d ago

with the subscription, you can stream it to phones (iPhone, Droid), gaming consoles, and on your PC. It is not the same service as the regular HULU. HULU plus offers nearly everything in HD including older shows that were before the HD era.

I can see where they need to charge for it, but I would be more likely to get it if it was around 5 dollars a month.

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jack who3970d ago

hulu is useless when you got netflix

Nitrowolf23970d ago

yeah i enjoy Netflix, but paying for Hulu monthly also not worth the money
The reason why people were atrracted to Hulu was that it was advertised as a free service. Now that they are going to charge for it i don't see the reason to keep using it if there are other sites that do the same and for free.

Mustang300C20123970d ago

Are you aware of the differece you actually are getting with the paid service vs free?

N4PS3G3970d ago

The only one making a mistake in every console is Hulu. Charging $10 dollars for TV rehash with advertisements?

Hulu Plus will fail in every console and on any year released. From iPhone to Xbox in 2010, 2011 or 2012

Rainstorm813970d ago

With sites like tv shack i just dont see the point especillly for tv shows

Urrakia343970d ago

dam thats a ripoff. didnt hulu used to be free?

FragMnTagM3970d ago

HULU Plus is not the regular HULU. HULU will still be free with and be ad supported. HULU plus allows you to stream to any device that will allow streaming basically and offer more content in HD.

Again they are not the same. With the regular HULU, you can only watch it from a web browser.

Not saying I like the idea, but there is a lot of misinformation about it.

Urrakia343970d ago

dam thanks for clearing that up dude, really appreciate it. its just that these articles never really provide enough details so i got the wrong impression of HULU Plus. i guess it could be compared to PSN and Playstation Plus then? is that the type of thing they're goin for?

HaVoK3083970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Who does not already know this? Hulu Plus will be the only version available on the PS3 and 360. No misinformation. And if you dont think you will see ads in Hulu Plus you are in for some disappointment.

Hulu Plus was only created for consoles and handhelds. It is irrelevant on a PC. Its just a way to charge you money for using the service. The Plus version will offer nothing special (nothing worth 10.00 per month) over the standard version.

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