8.0 Transformers: War For Cybertron Review "Despite its faults, Transformers: War for Cybertron winds up being an absolutely fantastic game. Any fan of the series should find it to be fun, but even better is finding it to be informative, detailing the characters that the animated series never really covered. Co-op and online multiplayer modes also extend the game's life significantly, which is great because the only thing better than being a killer truck is hanging out with your killer jet friend. Though a bit short, War for Cybertron really is a solid game that finally does the dynamic world of the Transformers justice."

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ShawnCollier3960d ago

Nice to see a decent Transformers game for once.

jammers3960d ago

Now I really want to try this game out. I've been really curious with all the up and down reviews, but I've just gotta try it out.

Selyah3960d ago

I'm pleasantly surprised by this, nice to see it did well might have to give it a go now.