inFamous vs inFamous 2: HD screenshot comparison

GB writes: "inFamous was one of the better super hero games that I played last year. The idea of using electricity as a weapon was very thoughtful and resulted in to some of the most electrifying action possible in video games. So how is inFamous 2 shaping up to be? Is the feedback from Naughty Dog really making the game look and feel good? Lets take a look."

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williamkenny3967d ago

I found the combat in inFamous somewhat repetetive, I hope this one varies it up a little bit.
It was still a great game and a great concept, but they could have done a lot more with the whole electricity thing I reckon.

MariaHelFutura3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Infamous and LBP are my favorite new IPs of this generation and both the sequels look to completely sh^t on the previous games. I couldn`t have ask for any more from either of these sequels. This is the reason I enjoy Playstation platforms more than any other by a long shot. Between those 2, TeamIco, GOW and GT it feels like their basically making games for me.

nveenio3967d ago

I agree, MariaHelFutura. PS3 suits me perfectly.

As for this comparison, it's really not very good. BUT, it's alright considering we've seen so little of inFamous 2. I'm really most interested in seeing the draw distance and MLAA at work. Other than that, the first is still one of my top 3 best looking sandbox games of all time.

Legosz3967d ago

When the developers take advantage of the PS3's beast processor, and bluray capabilities. We have the second coming of Jesus over and over again.

DigitalRaptor3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

My words, coming from your mouths!

PlayStation has always offered me games and experiences where my tastes lie.

pain777pas3967d ago


Good post the graphics were jagged but popped and the gameple was great really good story, multiple playthroughs to get the most out of the game. Can't wait for the sequel though I smell a multiplayer suprise somewhere.....

Kevin ButIer3966d ago

Another reason to be a proud PS3 owner.

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brazilianbumpincher3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

the graphical leap looks huge MLAA is definitely being used this time around,and thats considering that i still think infamous 1 still looked better than alot of so-called next-gen games

karan86243967d ago

I agree, i found myself doing the same moves over and over again. Im not uncreative, but I was faced with the same masses of enemies time and time again so I just tried to dispatch them quickly.

The combat system in the new one looks a LOT better though, more cinematic

nveenio3967d ago

I found myself doing stuff the same way over and over at first, too. Then I started working on those special moves, and I started to realize just how much power Cole actually has.

nan03967d ago

the game may look great graphics wise, but Cole still looks like shit. Remake him again and re do the uncharted wanna be script. Hopefully they can give hope back to the infamous series

seij5553967d ago

You have access to the script? You have heard more than 2 lines from the new Cole? Wow.

nveenio3967d ago

Dude! Access to the new script! That's awesome! Do you know someone on the inside? /s

You can't disguise PS3 hate with a back handed compliment and expect anyone to think you're anything other than a troll.

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Joule3967d ago

inFAMOUS 2 is the best looking sandbox game I have seen, and its release date is 2011.


gameseveryday3967d ago

I think the session with Naughty Dog has helped the developers at Sucker Punch. There is a similarity with how Drake and Cole move now.

Conloles3967d ago Show
D4RkNIKON3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

@ Consoles, I have and I agree with Rashid. Yeah Killzone is bad ass and it's my favorite shooter. I am allowed to like what ever the hell I want

These screens make it so obvious of the improvements. They are really taking this one to a new level and I am finding myself more and more excited for this game.
Just look at these screens zoomed in, full resolution

MariaHelFutura3967d ago

I`d rather play Infamous1 than any version of GTAIV anyday.

TheBlackSmoke3967d ago

LOl, people are talking about how much infamous 2 has improved and then a butthurt pc fanboy decides to tell us about how 1337 his rig is. NO ONE CARES, go back to playing counterstrike for 5 years in a row.

Congratulations you have a super high res boring game... #golf clap#

fishd3967d ago

Cray me a,have a dry river bed

pixelsword3967d ago

console is one of those PC fanboys seeing a PS3 game looking as good, if not better than, what a lot of PC games have to offer so then he goes into how, with a $5000 investment, his version of Crysis will look the best of all time.


C0MPUT3R3967d ago

Yeah I picked that up too.
The way Cole is running away from the chopper, his movements look just like when Nathan was running away from the truck.
it was the same style gameplay set piece too.
I loved the first inFamous & inFamous 2 is totally beyond my expectations.

Jeff2573966d ago

Sucker Punch had sequences like that in Sly 2 and 3 where Sly had to run away while getting shot at by Carmelita. Of course ND did very well with putting it in Uncharted 2 but SP isnt basing everything off of what ND has done. Of course I do expect ND has helped the guys out quite a bit with programming on the PS3 and how to make their game more dynamic.

IHateYouFanboys3966d ago


those 'screenshots' are from polar opposite feeds, so you cant use them to compare.

the screenshots of Infamous 2 are the typical official screenshots - supersampled. rendered at huge framerates then downsized to the games native resolution to remove any and all aliasing, and improve textures far beyond what the actual game will look like.

the screenshots of infamous 1 that you posted are captured from what appears to be an SD video of the game, not direct feed screenshots of the game. you can tell by the artifacting, which does not happen in game, only in videos of games.

i just love how henever they show screenshots of a new PS3 exclusive, all the sony brigade on here shout 'MLAA confirmed' or 'theyre definitely using MLAA this time around', when in actual fact theres still only 2 games released that use it, and probably only 1 out of every 20 more exclusives released will use it at the very most. just because there is no aliasing in the 'screenshots' doesnt confirm MLAA, it confirms supersampling. i could find you 'in-game screenshots' of games that are out and confirmed to only be using 2XMSAA or even have NO antialiasing at all, that have 'MLAA confirmed' by the lack of a single jagged edge in the screenshot.

ie. Battlefield Bad Company 2. this game has NO antialiasing whatsoever, confirmed by the developers. but whats this? a screenshot with no aliasing!

then theres the 2xMSAA antialiasing in Uncharted 2, yet somehow is apparently better AA than even the best a $5k computer can do lol.


Infamous 2 will not have MLAA, guaranteed. the original had NO anti-aliasing at all remember.

jerethdagryphon3966d ago

ice team for the win there the eggheads at naughty whos job it is to make coding easier for devs and since all first party studios have access to both uc1 and uc2s source code for ideas and such of corse thigns will look similar

which is a slight shame as gorgeous as uc2 is id like other companys to keep there own style

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piroh3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

bless the Cell and Blu-Ray power
bless the cooperation with other developers
bless the talent


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kevnb3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

basically just blur everything out. If you look at that uc2 screen shot, you will realize just how much smoke and mirrors and art design is at work. Almost any current pc game looks better without blurring 75% of the screen.

raptorjacob3966d ago

i think ND was trying to make it kind of like when a real person focuses on something, one thing is crisp and everything around is blurred. i dont see how you can bash their art design like they are tricking us

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TheTwelve3967d ago

The more intelligent they can get with the nature of electricity, the better this game will be. They should really try to get over-scientific with it all, displaying the most realistic qualities of electricity in a game, ever. The PS3 can handle it.


Focker-4203967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

They should make a coiled weapon that he can turn into an electromagnet. He could magnetize any metal object and then reverse the current to throw them at people.

Or a charged up attack where it sucks all the metal objects around Cole to create a massive ball of junk, then he could blast it in all directions.

It could also add some platforming puzzles where you have to move objects around to reach a certain area.

pixelsword3967d ago

I think the Ice will add another dimension where lightning did not sufficiently meet it's expectations (although from what I played, I liked it).

CrippleH3966d ago

Maybe if there is an Infamous 3 in the future Cole would attain Magneto like powers, so in a way Cole will kick Magneto's ass.

ranmafandude3967d ago

anyway infamous 2 is gonna kill 2011 with quality.

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