Will Kinect and Move arrive too late?

A succession of poorly-received software releases for the Nintendo Wii could have a negative impact on the success of the soon-to-be-launched Xbox 360 Kinect and PlayStation Move, according to one UK retail boss.

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SupaGamer3957d ago

I'm looking forward to the Move.

Jamegohanssj53957d ago

It was too late when idiots actually started buying the Wii.


Samus HD3957d ago

are you a 5 year child?:!!:A
the Wii started 4 year earlier and it was a huge Success. (look the Charts)

now I'm really confused with the jealousy for the Wii
The ps3 and 360 fanboys didn't want motion controls they just hated it
now they say : wow, cool, etc
and to think the MOVE is just the same as Wii remote + nunchuk

3957d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung3957d ago

I think the only chance PS Move has is appealing to hardcore gamers, but they are somewhat resistive to Motion Controls so they have an uphill battle. If Sony can get that hardcore gaming market, it would be very profitable. However, they priced it too high....

I think it is far too late for a Wii clone going for the casual market. The hardcore market is still open Sony, but will be very hard to get!

Kinect will probably not appeal to hard core gamers. MS doesn't even seem interested in marketing to the hardcore gamers and hoping instead that their dash interface will woe the hardcore into getting one. Most likely won't work unless the price is low and they at least show some high profile gaming using it in a unique way. However, it offer such a different experience than Wii that I think casual gamers will be wowed into buying it.

It is quite a bit of fun to use Kinect, but man I got tired in like 3 minutes flat.

MysticStrummer3957d ago

Hardcore gamers may be leery of motion controls, but once they start to understand that they are being owned by the Movers while playing Socom 4 and Killzone 3 online they'll come around. I think Move will start slowly and build momentum for that reason, depending on how many hardcore games are announced that support it. I think Kinect will start strong and then fall off in a big way.

Rainstorm813957d ago

I think sony is betting on that wii similarity, they want these new casual gamers to upgrade to a ps3 as a similar device.

MS wants Kinect to try and get an all new crowd involved kinda like the Wii did and also drag in some new casuals

In the end it all boils down to GAMES, who ever has the most appealing games will win out.

Omega43957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Sounds like casuals are getting bored with the Wii, not a good sign for Move at all. If this is the case they certainly won't pick up Move since its just a Wii HD, at least with Kinect if will be something completely new to them.

jaredhart3957d ago

I think people are getting bored with the Wii because of it's lack of quality games.

I can't see kinect being an answer.

D4RkNIKON3957d ago

Yeah the game quality is why I got bored with the wii. I can't wait to play LBP2, Socom, Killzone, GT5 and Heavy Rain move support. Not to mention RE5 and Dead Space Extraction, that is a pretty good amount of core games if you ask me

SupaGamer3957d ago

Kinect something completely different?

The Wii laughs at kinect's games.

eagle213957d ago

Wii exclusive games have outscored many HD games in 2010. :)

KingPin3957d ago

i dont think its too late. i just think if they use it for quality games or to give games a fresh way to play em <heavy rain, gt5> it will sell. kinect on the other hand im not so sure about. i dont see core gamers using it to play games and i dont see what quality games they got for the casuals.

Scary693957d ago

I myself am looking forward to the Move cannot wait like someone mention to use it in Socom as well as other games like boxing cannot wait to beat my bf..LOL

bobdog6263957d ago

For the 4th of july a Group of customers came up to me an asked for a Group Game they could play on the 360.All we had was Rock Band and Dance Dance Rev.I told them about Kinect and they went Crazy.Kinect is going to sell like crazy because its something different.

KingPin3957d ago

@bobdog626 did you mention to the GROUP that kinect only allows 2 players at a time? did you wait for a response from them? i dont know what your or their definition of GROUP is, but mine is MORE THAN 3 PEOPLE. will it sell well, maybe. will it have more than 2 players, no!

IdleLeeSiuLung3957d ago

Because a group of gamers can't play two player games or play in turn like in almost every other game on the market catered to a group?

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