Angry UK devs given ‘mock Canadian passports’

A number of British game developers are outraged at being handed what they’re describing as “mock-up Canadian Passports” at a recent UK trade event.

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Elven63964d ago

Talk about misleading, the headline makes it seem like a studio was scammed with fakes or something.

HolyOrangeCows3963d ago

“The Canadians are circling like vultures since the news broke that we aren't getting any tax breaks.”

Those darned Canadians, always trying to encourage people complaining about economic oppression where they live, to relocate.

No one stamped a "Property of Canada" sticker on your back, fellas. No need to get pissed that companies want to help you and themselves out.

I_find_it_funny3963d ago

english not sufficient, operation failed, reading process terminated

IdleLeeSiuLung3963d ago

Perhaps the brits should get upset at their government for driving the game development industry to Canada. That is what happens when you raise taxes in general let alone in a recession.

There are plenty of talents elsewhere, so the owner of these studios can just pack and say good bye!

I guess the brits are outraged because the advert is effectively asking them to outsource their work to North America threatening their jobs....

Tomdc3963d ago

oh please. It's a funny joke nothing to be angry at Canadians about. Yeah our government sucks for not letting there be any tax breaks but I'm sure they will come soon, no worries it hasn't stopped British developers before, no reason it should now.


o no canadian devs are trying to recruit uk people to work for them

Theonik3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Canadians are evil i tell you EVIL!!!!
See there's the proof. EVIL!!!!
/puts on tinfoil hat.

3963d ago
Trunkz Jr3963d ago

We don't want Brits, we just want their money muhaha

ChronoJoe3963d ago

Obviously British devs would just relocate to Ireland for tax breaks... or France even... (although Irelands much more likely).

But seriously, why would they go to Canada when Ireland (next door) offers the same ?

Lucreto3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Ireland is a good choice. Low Corporation Tax, highly skilled IT workforce, possible tax exemption and an English speaking county not too far away from the UK. Ryanair are cheap from Ireland to the UK.

Lets keep the jobs within Europe at the very least.
Bioware is opening on office in Ireland next year.

fossilfern3963d ago

especially if you live in Northern Ireland all you have to do is drive and your across the border into the republic

diatom3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Having facilitated my companies exodus from Ireland, I can authoritatively say that wages and cost of living are still way too high. Worse still, Ireland's higher education system is a joke and the CS department at UCD is utter crap and getting crappier with the recent exodus of what little talent there was. Ireland's 'educated' workforce was largely imported from Eastern Europe and is now much cheaper at the source.

Canada has better Universities, is friendlier to immigration, has a functioning banking system, less crime, less health issues and the provincial governments are very flexible when it comes to taxes. Unless you want to set up a new Gitmo (I'd recommend Limerick or near the Coombe) or collect vomit from the streets, Ireland is a losers bet.

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