Splinter Cell 6 to enjoy Uncharted 2 influence?

As you're probably aware Splinter Cell: Conviction didn't start life as the game you'll see on shelves today.

Those of you who liked the look of Conviction in its infancy needn't worry though, some of the original features might see their way into the series yet.

Ubisoft's Patrick Redding and Maxime Beland told Xbox World 360 that many of the things Ubisoft was forced to leave on the cutting room floor may now make their way into Splinter Cell 6 - as well as other new features, including Uncharted 2-style 'abduction moves'.

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FangBlade3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

I think every game should be influenced by Uncharted 2 - the best game in history of gaming.

hoops3959d ago

No its not. Its one of the best games this generation but not overall.

Jamegohanssj53959d ago

Exactly. Vice City is the best game ever.


brazilianbumpincher3959d ago

because to me san andreas was much better than vice city

on topic, fangblade again thats personal opinion,but in will say its a FACT that uncharted 2 is one of the best games ever made period

Nitrowolf23959d ago

The best game ever is determined by Individual opinions

omi25p3959d ago

best game of this generation, until mass effect 2 came out, now its second best :)

Crusade3959d ago

Clearly every mega man game is collectively the best game ever.

Deputydon3958d ago

Well, technically it's Super Mario Galaxy 2... but who goes by review scores...

ShinMaster3958d ago

Proves how beast Uncharted is.

vsr3958d ago

Can you mention a game that surpassed 100 plus reviews with 96 Meta-score plus UNIFIED GAME OF THE YEAR other than uncharted 2 ( Critics & Fans Choice game of the year)

rockleex3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

I'm not saying its the best game ever, because that's personal opinion.

Looking at its sales, critics reception, fans/gamer reception, awards won, and the quality of the game.

You can not deny that it has to be ONE of the best ever.

hassi943958d ago

I can name several but I'll leave you with just these few:

Mass Effect 2 (GOTY not known yet but 96 MC Average)
Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Again GOTY not known but 98 Average)
GTA IV (Think got majority of GOTY awards and 98 average)
LoZ:OoT (Got majority of GOTY awards and 99 average)

Don't fool yourself thinking the number of reviews has anything to do with how good the game is, you're just looking for excuses now.

It is a greatly polished game with many features and excellent graphics, but if anyone thinks it's the best game of all time they're idiots and completely just kidding themselves.

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Count3959d ago

Uncharted 2 is great, but diversity is also.

cobraagent3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

because there are so many gernes with different games. For example is Uncharted 2 better than Heavy Rain? No since you can't compare them in any possible way

DigitalRaptor3958d ago

I can say Uncharted 2 is more fun than Heavy Rain, but you're right. Both are great games and shouldn't be compared.

Rainstorm813959d ago

Every game shouldnt be like uncharted 2, but i wish every game had U2's quality, if the next splinter cell has that type of production it will be great

Shane Kim3959d ago

I've yet to see ME2 get over 150 awards and be the benchmark for todays games.

Every developer is comparing to Uncharted 2...not ME2.

Christ you bots...

Weaksauce11383958d ago

Unless they want to pay the bills, U2 sales were average before the pack in bundle for sales # inflation

Commander_TK3958d ago

ME2 is a great game. It´s all opinion based. Not every1 thinks U2 is the gaming paradise

mobijoker3959d ago

If you look at gameplay value,nothing comes close to oblivion.Even after four years its still ruling and it got over 3000 mods and they are growing each day-a never ending game i guess.Can any1 name another game that gave you so much fun and quality.

rezzah3959d ago

I personally dont think everygame should be like UC2 because than no game would be original. Also we deffinitly will get tired of the same thing over and over. would ruin any game Team Ico makes.

fullmetal2973958d ago

HELL NO, the best game is the Half-life series. So great that it was ported to EVERY platform this gen and the Mac.

04soldier3958d ago

first of all WE ALL know u suck at video games k sunshine uncharted 2 is THA only game your species of gamers has adapted to

ATi_Elite3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

HALF LIFE 2 PC is hands down the greatest game ever made then....

San Andreas Street Fighter 2 Pac Man Super Mario Zelda John Madden Metal Gear Solid Doom Sonic The Hedgehog Starcraft World of Warcraft Final Fantasy 7 Grand Turismo 3: A Spec Half Life 1 Counter Strike Gaiares R-Type Uncharted 2 Splinter Cell STALKER ARMA II Space Invaders Pitfall Star Wars: The Old Republic Mass Effect Killzone 2 Half Life 3 Battlefield 2 Resident Evil 4 and finally Halo

Commander_TK3958d ago

All those games u listed r 1 of the best

bjornbear3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

i think it isn't expansive enough. in terms of design its one of the best ever, but actually being the best game ever is sub jective

mine is still deus ex, and that won't change until deus ex 3 IF IT LIVES UP TO HYPE.

but i agree, Uncharted 2 is the best designed game this gen, and easily a game to look at if you want to evolve your game-design =D the narrative / gameplay is unprecedented.

@ Krayzie: you mention a big list of PC games but omitted Deus Ex!! =O BLASPHEMY!! xD i agree w ur list generally though

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yewles13959d ago

*sniff, sniff* I think this might heat up, it's a day late for a BBQ...

MrGunny943959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

No it Shouldnt... so you want a FPS,Sports,Racing Games or any other Third Person should always be influenced by Uncharted 2? To every game be a Uncharted 2 just with diffrent story and characters... please stop saying this stuff.. IMO Ghost Recon Future Soldier will beat Uncharted 2 in BEING THE BEST 3RD Person..

PLAYstar3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

It didn't achieved with a 1,2,3,4 and a 5. What makes you think 6 could?

karan86243958d ago

1 and 3 were two of the best game I have ever played

chak_3959d ago

please stop splinter cell franchise.

Or rename it "sam for dummies".

It's nothing like the 3 first, the best of the series, no contestation possible.

ElementX3959d ago

So because of one "dummies" game they should end the series? Every series has one title that doesn't live up to the others.

chak_3959d ago

yes, but it's now ubi's main concern. accessibility. It's dont think SC6 will be anything like the first, more like the last one, even more simplified.

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