Eight Amazing Secrets In Crackdown 2

NowGamer recaps eight amazing secrets from Crackdown 2, SPOILER WARNING!

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jimmins3958d ago

...Crackdown 2 is here instead.

fastrez3958d ago

How do you know that EVERYONE knows? Do you know everyone in the world? Have you asked them? Just because YOU know, doesn't mean the world

mcnablejr3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

its common knowledge.

If you have played the demo, you know these things, hell if your even a fan of the game you know these things. sigh...

I think pretty much all of these 'secrets' are shown in the launch trailer for the game.


@ fasttrez. W..T...F.

try watching one or two trailers for the game. then read the things they have listed as secrets.

Then re-read your comment's.

fastrez3958d ago

But what about the people who haven't played the demo yet? People who are holding out and waiting for the game to launch? Don't just think about yourself and core gamers mate, it's a tad arrogant.

fastrez3957d ago

Again, not everyone will have watched the trailer. I'm not saying it's an amazing list they've written or anything, just that not everyone will know this stuff. You and me do because we're likely serious gamers, but to the everyday guy who thinks he might like the game, this could be a surprising read.

I have to apologise for being so hot headed earlier mate. Not in the business of making enemies or riling people up so sorry about that.