Six Reasons Why PC Gaming Rocks

GamerZines writes:

In honour of the lovely tech people finally upgrading our office gaming rigs, we thought we'd compile a list to celebrate the magnificence which only the PC provides.

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Substance1013958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

1. Games library that will put any platform to shame. This includes all the classics, current gen games, roms from nes, snes, n64, ps1,ps2, wii and the arcade and much much more.

2. Games cheaper by 10-20usd at launch thats huge when you buy 20 games a year(20 * 15usd= 300usd saved a year thats enough to buy a high end gpu).

3. Discounts on DD services are insane(bought bioshock 2 for 14usd, metro 2033 for 24usd)

4. a 4yr old gpu now outperformance anything a console can do, 100usd gpus of today provide enough power to run 95% games of today in 1080p.

5. Backward compatibility that will have console gamers wish they never got charged for HD remakes. Yep its true you can today play most of 10yr old titles from the Past on the PC in HD resolutions and you dont need to pay anyone to do it.

6. The platform is completely self repairable. Ever had a dvd-bluray drive on a console fail, then have to buy a new console. Doesnt happen with PC, disk drive fails gets replaced, PSU fails gets replaced(under warranty or new if no warranty).

7. PC platform provides largest verity of controllers, can use mouse keyboard, 360 controller, DS3, wii mote.

ElementX3958d ago

Yeah but all your ROMS and emulators are ILLEGAL!

I_find_it_funny3958d ago

I can give more than 6 why it sucks

TheBuIIetSponge3958d ago

Not if you own a physical copy.

BannedForNineYears3958d ago

Emulators technically aren't illegal.
It's the roms that are illegal.
But who cares? FBI/Cops don't give a crap about people playing on emulators. Do you think that they'll go to every single person who has one?

tdrules3958d ago

at least I can insert my Snake Eater disc into my PC and play it.
Backwards compatability is overrated?

Hideo_Kojima3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

I remember that PC on the pic was being sold for £3.5k in 2 years ago.

I am a PC/PS3 gamer but most of my favourite games in the last 2 years have been on the PS3...

I don't get why people assume the PC always has the best games because unless you are into strategy games (which i hate) than consoles get some really good exclusive games that you must play.

I could never allow myself to miss out on UC2 MGS4 KZ2 LBP or GoW 3 and Motorstorm.

Those games are amazing on all levels (apart from KZ2 which lacks a bit on the story)

All in all I think everyone needs a PC and a PS3 not just on of them.

EDIT: Oh and there is GT5 you can't miss out on that game if you like cars!!!

PopEmUp3957d ago

Starcraft 2 is near lol

SaiyanFury3957d ago

Technically, ROMs and emulators aren't really illegal anymore. Say I want to play Strider on the Genesis. Even IF I don't own the physical copy, Capcom no longer makes a profit from the game anymore and hasn't for years so if I play a ROM on my PC I'm technically not stealing from anybody. The regular law does stipulate that you must own a physical copy of the game in order for a "backup" ROM to be legal, but even then do you really think the cops and FBI are going to chase down every single person in the country with an illegal ROM? A tonne of the developers who made 8-bit, 16-bit and even 32-bit ROMs aren't even in business anymore, so who exactly am I stealing from if companies don't lose money from my ROMs? :)

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8800gtx3958d ago

"a 4yr old gpu now outperformance anything a console can do, 100usd gpus of today provide enough power to run 95% games of today in 1080p"

cough cough *flexes transistors.


presto7173958d ago

The freaking games!!! PC elitists can quote specs all they want, but when it comes down to it, most of them are still playing old stuff like counter strike, diablo 2 and starcraft....

The PC as a platform has no response to the likes of Gears 2, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 and Halo 3. Not to mention the complete disregard for fighting games on pc...


tdrules3958d ago

new =/= better

Halo- nothing has been done that has not been done on PC at a much higher level.
Custom Edition released on PC has better stuff than 3 lmao
Gears series- One released on PC, no one liked it.
Uncharted- k
KZ2- nothing original.

you're just listing games you like, and it seems your only defence when PC gamers list their favourite games is is that theyre old.

well old is only a bad thing when new things do it better.

ProjectVulcan3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

Does anyone really think killzone 2 and halo are considerably better shooters than the wide range of what Pc has to offer? I certainly do not. KZ2 for one relies on its visuals even more than crysis, which is the better game and happens to look a lot better too. There are dozens of great Pc online shooters that are more fun to play IMO than halo. Take your pick

RagTagBnd4453957d ago

What people don't seem to get is that it is different genres who thrive on PC and Consoles, the only genre which is good on both PC and Consoles is FPS.

Jdoki3957d ago

Yep you're right Substance... But does it have Uncharted, God of War and all those other great console exclusives?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of PC gaming, but the bleating of PC fanboys just comes across as insecurity and trying to justify their purchases.

And just because PC's can do higher res, doesn't mean it has better looking games. Yes yes, we ALL know about Crysis - we've been hearing about it long enough - but there's this thing called art direction too. And I have seen very few, if any, PC games match the art direction of God of War or Uncharted 2.

Can't we all just get along!!

solar3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

HL2, Zeno Clash, Samorost 2, hundreds of indie dev's, Machinarium, need i go on? console games dont do anything new because the developers cant. they have to make millions or the developers get cut up and closed down. look at Clover. Okami was a great, beautiful game. didnt sell well, cut!!! dismantled!!! unemployed. dont come in here with "art direction" crap when talking about PC games. your argument wont fly.

what most console gamers dont realize is that there is sooooo much more their games can be doing. but developers are hand strung by limitations that consoles inherently have. dont you want more from your games? or are you ok with lackluster experiences that could be far better on a far better gaming platform?

rumplstilts3957d ago

PC has some of the most beautiful games ever made. So many indie titles trying new and innovative gameplay and visual styles.

GrilledCheeseBook3957d ago

also gaming pc's make damn good work and media pc's
useful for way more than just games

sid4gamerfreak3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

1. Mods
2. Biggest game library
3. High resolutions
4. Backwards compatibility
5. Upgradable- this is a good thing because u can decide whether or not to upgrade u arent forced to buy a new comp unlike the consoles when their generation is up or has failed.
6. Precise controls
7. Cheaper hardware and the trend shows that graphics hardware is getting cheaper and less costly to play games in 1080p
8. Cheaper games
9. Steam, nuff said
10. RTS, MMO - two big genres, most of its games r only playable on the PC
11. Emulators

More than six reason already why u should game on a pc. Much better gaming experience than a console

But console trolls come and either say "bu..bu TEH PC CANTZ PLEY DEH UNCHARTED 2 AND TEH PS3 EXCLUSIVESZ"

well, can u play pc exclusives? There r several pc exclusives already in 2010, more than both consoles put together. Dont believe me? Check this link out:


Then another argument is: "bu..bu YOU CANT HOOKZ UP DEH PC TO TV AND SITZ ON DEH COUCHZ"

well, u can hook up ur pc to a television and game on a couch

then theyll try to win the argument by saying "bu..bu TEH PC ISZ VERY EXPENSIVEZ , MORE DAN PS3"

yes the pc is more expensive but u get what u pay for. Some of u say pc costs like 2000 dollars when a good pc can actually cost 800 dollars. Sure its more than a console but pc gamers get cheaper games so in the end, in the long term, pc gamers have more money than console gamers

out of desperation the last argument will be

NO one cares about the ps3 and sony and how theyre god too. No one cares if u worship the sony god and no one cares if the cell is da best (even though a pentium can defeat it)

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hoops3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

This is common knowledge. No need to make another PC thread about the advantages of PC gaming over console gaming.

@i find it funny

I can give 20 more reasons why Console gaming sucks.
Your point?

bjornbear3958d ago

no platform is absolutely superior, every one of them have their advantages and disadvantages, and that causes people to prefer some over others, but there's no factual way of proving that "this" > "that"

BannedForNineYears3958d ago

There are a lot of console exclusives that PC only owners can't play.
I would die if I couldn't play GOW 3, Uncharted 2, or Killzone 2.
And those games look better than 3/4 of all PC games.

zagibu3957d ago

You mean you have to play those three games until you die of old age? What is the name of this illness?

But seriously, tastes vary. GoW3 and KZ2 are certainly pretty good shooters, but I don't see anything worth dying for there. I don't know Uncharted 2, but from what I've heard it seems to be a revised Tomb Raider clone.

I also don't see much replay value in those games, so either you play only a few minutes a day or you will be dead in another three weeks.

solar3957d ago

LOL!!! i love QTE's!!!! they are to die for!!!!

UC2 is my 3rd fav game of all time. but i wouldnt have died if i didnt play it.

KZ2 is the most bland, uninspired game ive played in years. if that is your standard of a good game, then well, you have pretty low standards.

ranmafandude3958d ago

i want to play team fortress2 and half life 2 again.the only thing that's stopping me is my budget. i don't know how to build my own pc and don't have the time to do it.

hoops3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )


You can even buy a pr-made PC for $800 from Dell that will run most games at 1080p 40+fps in high.

ranmafandude3958d ago

see i like consoles too but i know that the pc can do so much more. i play emulators all the time on it lol.

Substance1013958d ago

here is a budget build

its for 550usd it can run mw2 @1080p around 80-90fps

crysis in high settings 1080p runs in 35-40fps.

distorted_reality3958d ago

It isn't hard and takes less time than you think. I remember freaking out when I made my first build from scratch, but it was really easy and a lot of fun in the end.

Theo11303958d ago

If you've ever played with Legos, you can build a PC; it's that easy. Even though I had a friend recently tryed to build a PC and ended up putting thermal paste in the cpu socket. I'm sure if you look up PC on the N4g search engine, you can find articles to help you out building a pc that gets you the most bang for your buck.

jjesso19933958d ago

building a pc takes an hour max and i've done jigsaws harder than putting pc together.

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distorted_reality3958d ago

the dude that applied for a managing job with a premier league side based on his results and experience with football manager?

distorted_reality3957d ago

Bahahahaha Theo that was pro.

@ Cranberry - cheers mate, couldn't remember which club it was.

CranberryPub3957d ago

It was Middlesborough and Steve Gibson was an absolute legend when getting in touch with the applicant.

PopEmUp3957d ago

that was off topic, but still funny

dizzleK3958d ago

#7 because you can't circle fap to console specs

Substance1013958d ago

that again means buying extra hardware. PC doesnt need that.