150° Ready for Second Phase?

StarCraft: IncGamers reports has been upgraded to the second phase of beta. The fact clients are not is of course the major concern by players...

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Djorgo3958d ago

Well, it's about time :)

A more laid back and less profane way of exclaiming my feelings on the topic!

UIOP3958d ago

My feelings exactly :)

I also like changes, so hopefully there will be loads of them :P

Porco3958d ago

Well, those sources saying 1st of July were wrong, but this changed for some players about that time, so perhaps not wildly wrong!

Leord3958d ago

I do hope it's up asap :)

Zergling3958d ago

Well in some ways this is good news I just hope that we will be able to actually use the beta soon rather than it not being compatible with our keys at the moment.

Dorjan3958d ago

yeah I noticed this last week when playing around with the map editor

twoflower3958d ago

the new bnet will be ready soon. Looks promising !

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The story is too old to be commented.