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"In the beginning the Agency crafted the perfect Agent and sent him out to dispose of the major gangs of Pacific City: Los Muertos, the Volk and the Shai-Gen Corporation. There was a brief moment of peace in the city, but the mutants from the research facility present in the first game have increased in number and run the city each night. This is due to an ex-Agency scientist, Catalina Thorne, who is responsible for leaking the virus into the city turning a large percentage of the population into Freaks. Of course this was done after she destroyed the research labs in the Agency. This erased the Agent program thus leaving the Agency powerless." - JPS

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easto1a3117d ago

if its a patch on the first its a preorder

ShadyDevil3117d ago

A Lot of great reviews. Really looking forward to this. Loved the first one, wondering if the game takes from the ending of the first.

MightyMark4273117d ago

I didn't like it... but that's just me. I didn't enjoy the first one and when I tried this game, I'm like, meh

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xYLeinen3117d ago

A friend got his hands on this game already.

Exact quote:" It's basically the same game as crackdown with a different cover"

Rainstorm813117d ago

They dont care, is actually less of a game and next thing we will see comparisons to RDR GTA and inFAMOUS.

ONly fanboy are this rabid over mediocre games reguardless of the system

xYLeinen3117d ago

Yea good luck finding a bigger fanboy than my friend..