Pads & Panels: Crackdown 2 Review

It’s been more than three years since gamers first roamed the streets and leaped from building to building in Crackdown’s Pacific City. After being packaged with Halo 3’s beta code, the original achieved significant sales, but Microsoft took its sweet time getting around to a sequel. Now in the hands of Ruffian Games, rather than the series’ original creators at Realtime Worlds, Crackdown 2 doesn’t stray much from the formula of the original, for better and for worse. But mostly for the better.

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3449d ago
klado3449d ago

That, spammer was kinda right though, how can a sequel be 3GB being the first the double of that?

Anyway, you sir are shaping to as ignorant as ever, how can you support a sequel like this huh, even saying this game is better than anything you supposedly have in your ps3 which by far is a pretest to bash down those great ps3 exclusive...

You make us xbox user look bad.

mcnablejr3449d ago

well, i loved the first game.
I love playing the crackdown 2 demo. COOP in something called (party chat)

with my mates.


3449d ago
Cold 20003449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

I guess GT5 should be sold at 30$ maximum since its just GT4 with a graphics update.

DelbertGrady3448d ago

I would skip InFamous as well since it's only 6.8gb in size. I only play Blu-Ray games where the developers fill the disc to the brim with padding to avoid piracy. It makes the games so much better.

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Hank Hill3448d ago


I promise you that GTA5 won't be the same exact city layout as the last one and the graphics won't look worse.

3449d ago