160° Review: Crackdown 2

CandiceAngel reviews: I’ll admit it right now, I haven’t played the first Crackdown. In fact, most of my enthusiasm for this title came from hearing my fellow Xbox darlings get psyched about their review code. This was when I leaned myself back in my chair and gave a look over the details and found myself intrigued. What… are we cracking down on again? Drug dealers? Thugs? Underaged children running sweatshops under ground? None of it, actually. The story seemed like something akin to “Demolition Man” where Peacekeepers wanted desperately to keep the City streets safe, although (Without giving too much away.) it turned out the organization built for the safety of the City was actually the one creating the trouble. Go figure. Ain’t that always the way?

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Neo Nugget3964d ago

It's a toss up it seems.

Conloles3964d ago

No, its just pretty mcuh the same as Crackdown which was an awesome game its the same fun just with a new paint of coat.