Kotaku: Crackdown 2 Review: Shoot First, Leap Buildings Later

Crackdown 2 is an odd sequel. You can often expect a video game sequel to simply be better than its predecessor. This follow-up, however, is good mostly in the ways it imitates its predecessor and less winning in the ways that it has changed. In the abstract, change is good and expanded online play is always welcome. But Crackdown 2 specifically omits some of the strengths of the first game to replace them with elements that are, at best, only as good rather than superior. For this Crackdown 1 fan, those changes make the new game less fun. Like its starring Agent, Crackdown would benefit from a leap. Crackdown 2 is good, especially when you are not following orders, but does not hop over its predecessor.

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meant to reply.

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Sounds like they made some bad changes to the formula.
If it's worse than the first, no buy.