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Jim Sterling writes "Gamers have been begging for a sequel to Crackdown for years. The original game, developed by Realtime Worlds, became a cult hit due to its surprising and empowering gameplay, not to mention the fact that it came packed with a beta code for Halo 3. Whether it was the former or the latter that led to Crackdown's success is up for debate, but whatever the reason, people loved Crackdown and the announcement of the sequel was cause for celebration."

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Cloudberry3026d ago

When it's come from Jim Sterling. : /

So, Deadly Premonition should be better eh, Jim?

Count3026d ago

He did it for the hits.

HolyOrangeCows3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I think he makes some good points, though.

"Absorption Units are part of the Agency's "Project Sunbeam" scheme, which involves sending light beacons underground to destroy the UV-sensitive Freaks. Players have to activate three Absorption Units, then travel to the designated underground location where they have to fight waves and waves of Freaks until the beacon is fully charges.

That, in a nutshell, explains everything that the player has to do in order to reach the end credits (after which, the game ends. You don't get to return to the city post-credits without starting a new game)"
All of the reviews I've read have complained that you do that mission type Waaaaay too much.

I think it's a fair review. He notes that it's missions are repetitive, looks worse than the first, doesn't address issues from the first game, multiplayer that gets boring quickly....not exactly things you can just shake off.

Redlogic3025d ago

DP review was a it's so bad its good type thing. I doubt you even read the review all you saw was the score. He actually gave AC II a 4.5. If the dude does like the game he doesn't hesitate to let people know. Finally, Destructiod is the ONLY website that actually uses the entire 1-10 scale. I like that.

Masta_fro3026d ago

The game is an insult to the industry.

Its saying "hey guys, just change the monsters and add a few new locations, and lets call it Crackdown 2"

Thats exactly what this game is...a repeat.

[email protected] microshit, i was actually exited for this game!

GuruStarr783026d ago

I played the demo. I couldnt tell the difference from this game and the originaplayiactually preordered Crackdown 2 and canceled it after playing the pathetic demo.

omi25p3026d ago

yeaa i know! im mean god of war 3 is nothing like god of war 1 or 2, oh wait. winning formular = copy paste with improved graphics = god of war, crackdown, halo,Grand Turismo and many more

gynecologistcobra3025d ago

Having played the full game, I will say that you are not right.

Dragun6193026d ago

This is very surprising, I really thought Jim Sterling was a Xbox fanboy especially when he wrote how Heavy Rain sucked and Deadly Premonition was a better game. Both weren't even in same genre, So why compare them?

I think its safe to say that his game reviews have no credibility whether the game was actually good or bad.
Seriously, he gave Deadly Premonition a ten out of ten. Wtf?

Masta_fro3026d ago

although i usually disagree with destructoid's review tactics, i have to agree with Jim Sterling for punishing the game.

Deadly Premonition was more of a joke. That game was so bad and dissoriented, it had to be played to be believed. Tons, and i mean TONS, of critics played the game just to see how bad it was, kind off like an inside joke.

Crackdown 2 is prob not a bad game, but its annoyingly empty when it comes to new content. Thats all Jim's saying and if thats the case i agree.

Lets all just take a step back and wonder what would've happened if this was a ps3 exclusive...


nevertheless...this game is probably more of a 7/10

Vespertine3026d ago

For the 356547th time, the Deadly Premonition review was a joke. Damn.

dgroundwater3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Really vesper? I played it and agreed with him 100%. Funny how opinions work.

The vast majority of his "flamebait" posts are in fact editorials, not reviews. This one the other hand, is a very informative review that covers lots of the game mechanics and why they appear to be "lazy". Feel free to disagree once you play it for yourself.

Too many people see his scores and headlines then just personally attack his point of view. I find him refreshing since most reviews seem to be too similar, with recycled complaints and criticisms. At least Jim Sterling has a strong opinion and will tell you something you probably hadn't heard before.

harrisk9543026d ago

Or not that surprising at all... is that Metacritic has not posted one Crackdown 2 review score yet... perhaps they are waiting to get some more positive reviews so that the score isn't in the toilet from the get go?

Karooo3026d ago

heavy rain is actually a good game

NeutralGamer3026d ago

You know whats surprising?

Each time Destructoid give a Xbox Exclusive good score everyone claim they are biased and now all of a sudden Sony Fanboys like them?

zorglub3026d ago Show
sid4gamerfreak3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

n4g getting raped by crackdown 2 reviews, mostly praises and then bam, this review comes...

If crackdown 2 was a person its like crackdown 2 was patted on the back by several ppl and then somebody came up and bitch slapped him/her

blind-reaper3026d ago

Destructoid it is just an attention whore...

exnihilonihilfit3025d ago

An xbox game gets a taste of Jim Sterling's bullshit.

Don't believe anything he says, but now you guys know that when PS fans were calling his bullshit we were right all along.

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Lou-Cipher3026d ago

Ouch, it cant be that bad?

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Chuk53026d ago

you gave that garbage a 10? I can't help but question your credibility.

Omega43026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Destructoid seem to give really high or really low scores these days, but Crackdown has been getting quite a few 9/8s a lot more than I expected.

Thats not what i meant, I said it got more 8/9s then I expected it to

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bjornbear3026d ago

because it hasn't been getting many 8/9's =S

looks to be getting worst reviews than crackdown 1

gynecologistcobra3025d ago

Metacritic has it listed as a 71 average. 71 is not bad. 71 is good. People need to fucking learn their scales.

kenpachi3026d ago

Is Destructoid's website really that bad that Jim Sterling has to try and create Flamebait with every game review he does

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