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If you played the original Crackdown and loved it and now you just want more -- or if you've never experienced the joy of hunting orbs – you'll find a lot to like in Crackdown 2. Collecting agility orbs, leaping from rooftop to rooftop, and playing around in the virtual sandbox of Pacific City is a lot of fun. The formula, unsurprisingly, still works.

But if you were expecting a bit more. The new additions, specifically the expansion to four-player co-op, are welcome, but this hardly feels like it was worth the three-year wait. It's mostly just more of the same, in the same city, with the same shortcomings and a slightly expanded set of missions. Crackdown 2 feels uninspired and rushed, and it certainly doesn't feel like a full sequel.

Presentation - 6.0
Graphics - 6.0
Sound - 7.0
Gameplay - 8.0
Lasting Appeal - 8.0
Overall -

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AusWarrior3079d ago

Crackdown 1 with a new case is what it looks like.

blitz06233079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

And EDGE said: "If Infamous 2 can hold a candle to Crackdown 2, we will eat our hats."

I'm sure Infamous 2 won't score as low as this, not even as Infamous 1. I expect better reviews for that game. EDGE editors better take pics of themselves eating like dogs.

GWAVE: Why? What was EDGE's score?

GWAVE3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )


Other than EDGE's score (no big suprise there), this game looks pretty dang average. I played the first Crackdown and didn't like it. I know some people did, but I didn't. And the sequel does absolutely nothing to change that opinion.

EDIT: Sorry. I didn't mean number score. "Score" as in "their stance" on Crackdown 2 being compared to inFamous 2 as the above poster blitz quoted. But I suppose the same will probably apply to their number score, too.

deadreckoning6663079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

@GWAVE- What was EDGE's score? And why would they even bother comparing it to Infamous 2? It won't be out for a year! They did the same thing with GOW3 and Bayonetta. Maybe its just their style..but I think these comparisons are pointless.

@Below- I remember that X-play gave Crackdown 1 a 5/5. That was the day I started to question their reviews.

FURY__UNLEASHED3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Crackdown 1 was really fun for about an hour or so, then you realised EVERY boss fight is just the same recycled scenerio over and over again. Collecting agility orbs was the best part of Crackdown and it sadly seems to be the same in Crackdown 2.

How the **** did they not improve the graphics? Don't use the excuse "It's open world" becuase inFamous 1 is open world and looks way better than Crackdown 2! Crackdown 2 looks about as goos as the Sly Collection for PS3 (remastered PS2 games).

BTW, Crackdown has a 71 on Metacritic with the highest score being from an Xbox 360 website (

wicko3079d ago

Edge is hardly a place for consistent reviews.

Shang-Long3079d ago

average game. and there isn't anything wrong with that.

HolyOrangeCows3079d ago

A rushed repetitive rehash. The sequel to Crackdown could have be SO MUCH more.

Nike3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I like how you say "Meh, I'll pass" as if you own or even support the XBox 360...

And then comment, "*Notes the lack of bragging 360 fanboys in the comments section*". A nice attempt at "impartiality". Really. Truthfully, it's idiots like you who start the vicious cycle of flamewars on this site. Next thing you know, when something comes against the PS3, and 360 fans attack Sony, they'll use crap like "PS3 fanboys antagonized us on Crackdown 2 review scores!" to justify their actions.

And then something comes up against the 360 again, and the cycle begins anew with another lame comment by you.

Seriously, state your opinions about the game (even if you don't own the console) but don't go antagonizing 360 fans just because they don't have something that's not "perfect" in your world. I say your world because it's obvious you'd criticize them for ANYTHING they try to like that's not serving you and your mighty God, Sony.

@Disagrees: 2 minutes since I posted this and already on the defense? Boy, now I KNOW I hit a nerve.

@Parapaxis: That makes things even weirder then. If he has both a PS3 and 360 (hell, even a DS), and better games are available, why suddenly come on here and antagonize 360 fanboys, as if they're the ones who run this site and were hyping this release like PS3 fans were calling inFamous 2 "2011's Uncharted 2" when in truth, it'll barely register in their memory when Halo Reach hits? I'd understand if he had a vendetta against Ruffian - the game isn't up to his expectations - but he's just using this game's so-called "terrible" review score as an excuse to call out 360 fans, like we're in some sort of ghetto war.

State your opinion on this game - whether you've seen gameplay or played it. But coming in here and implying how ashamed the 360 fans are because they don't have another high profile release? That's just pathetic.

@Parapaxis: At once? That's like me being critical of nanomachines and then calling out other races in the next breath. What is the connection?

It's just ridiculous to take this "PS3 fans vs. 360 fans" lunacy every where we go, as if it's meant to automatically be relevant to whatever's happening in the gaming world.

And before people comment that "360 fans started it, now it's our turn!" - that's the same logic I've been hearing, defending religious riots, for years now.

Parapraxis3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

@ Nike
From FURY__UNLEASHED's profile "Xbox 360 - Fury 61"
How about actually checking his gamertag first

Do you not understand that one can be critical of games on a console they own and can as well have a dislike for fanboys?

EDIT: Nike, you are really overworking things here. Let it go.

N4BmpS3079d ago

X-Play really took a liking to the Crackdown series, there were a few things that caught my eye but not much but I can't critique it since I've yet to play it. I'm going to try to get someone with an XBOX to buy this game. But I never ever listen to EDGE. There biased, not to a specific console but to some games, they seem closed minded.

Why o why3079d ago

maybe you know...practice what you preach. You've seen his profile, you have a bubble, you say nothing. Sometimes its just better to admit you were wrong. N4g and its constant BS can make many of us a little too sensitive sometimes but thats N4g.. Step back..chill out. No need to be wrong n strong

People seem to be blaming the devs as if MS had nothing to do with this. Is this another case similar to odst. dlc dressed up as a full price game. I hear the games under 4 gig. If thats true then I think MS is taking its customers for a ride again...dlc dressed up as full price smh

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Chug3079d ago

That should retail for no more than $39.99.

acedoh3079d ago

not to judge but when you do a review and you basically call it a repeat of the original with the same graphics three years later, what exactly makes the game a 7.5. This game looks mediocre at best with graphics that are more suitable to a launch 360 title than one five years into the console life. Microsoft should be ashamed allowing this game to come out in it's current state. Do they really take their fanbase as a bunch of drones who will buy any exclusive they pawn off on them. I really hope players send a message and keep away from this game and expect more quality exclusives.

whizyup3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I don't get the assertion that Crackdown 2 will somehow be better than a game still a year off. Are ye not aware of ones own fanboyism?

otherZinc3079d ago

This game is far better than Infamous will ever be & you haters can hate all you want.

I'll guarantee Crackdown 2 outsells Infamous.

There is so much going on in this game it can only receive a score in the mid 8's or higher.

IGN is efin Stupid.

DelbertGrady3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

New Crackdown 2 review, same PS3 trolls telling us how bad it is.

Give it up for:

Do you get paid to troll every Crackdown 2 review or are you just having a really hard time accepting that some of us actually think Crackdown is a fun game? Even if it doesn't like like teh Killzonezz.

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Xwow20083079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

1 thing about this game..3 years in the making and with a bad gfx and almost the same game play as the 1st(according to the review).

Its just make some 1 wonder what the hell they were doing all these years.

T9X693079d ago

I can tell you what they where doing all these years....nothing. The game was only in development for 8 months, not years.

DarkestTemplar3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

... it shows.

This game may have been okay for 2007, but in the wake of all the new, expansive open world games with great graphics, fluid animations, and actual story-lines, this game feels old.

But on the plus side, Microsoft didn't try to release this game for it's fall line up (that is.. if MS had any control over the game's release date); to release this game then would suggest that it had A to triple-A status.

As a summer title, we know not to take Crackdown 2 too seriously; it just a game meant to deliver fun to the masses, not some triple-A epic G-O-T-Y contender. That being said... rental.

RyuDrinksTheDew3079d ago

actually, the game had an 8 to 12 month development time.

Elven63079d ago

Ruffian was founded in January of 2009, how could they have worked on a game for three years when they've only been around for just over 1 year?

edwineverready3079d ago

They worked on it 1 year and outsourced a lot of work to china.

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