Killzone 3: download KZ3 Concept Art

On the website you can download Killzone 3 Concept Art, Screenshots and HD Trailers.

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Raf1k13451d ago

Awsome. I've been wating a hi-res version of this image for a while now.

nix3451d ago

same here.. i dled some... q;

I_find_it_funny3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

i made a wallpaper out of it
1440 x 900

fossilfern3451d ago

Its a thing of beauty this game :D

mcnablejr3451d ago


day one purchase.

Miraak82 3451d ago

every time I see the water and snow affects in this game I poop my pants.... I swear I never imagined the capabilities of what they could accomplish in my lifetime and I was born w/ an atari controller in my hands .. Sony and their 1st and 2nd party studio are second to none .... I don't see anyone try writing crysis vs killzone 3 articles yet hahaha cause now theres nothing to even compare

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