Resolution: Crackdown 2 review

Resolution writes: Crackdown was one of the biggest surprise hits for the Xbox 360. A game that many bought for a chance to play the Halo 3 beta, but the majority of those gamers were thrilled to find that their beta key came with a great game attached to it. Crackdown used its linear game world to allow people a chance to take on the world as they chose. Gamers could take down the enemies in any order they like, collect ability orbs, cause chaos and generally mess about.

The long awaited sequel is now here and it has a lot to live up to. So, what can you expect from this latest iteration? Well, there’s the chance to tackle enemies in any order you like throughout the game world. You can collect orbs that boost your agent’s abilities. You can also cause plenty of chaos and generally mess about in Pacific City.

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madden103444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Ouch, this one is strong on the flop side of things.

Too Human 2 could flop even lower though.

MS needs more and better games...

bjornbear3444d ago


7/10 =/= flop

5/10 = 50% = average

get over yourself.

The General3444d ago Show
iamgoatman3444d ago

It looks like he's racing to comment in every Crackdown article that springs up. Such a dedicated little troll.

3444d ago
Jaybad543444d ago

And being a sony fanboy is better? Grow up, stop posting on every bad review score crackdown 2 gets and play some god damn games instead of wasting everyone elses time bashing xbox360 exclusives (a console i severely doubt you even own).

Before I get 500 disagrees, 4.5/10 is a bad score yes. I wont be getting the game.

bjornbear3444d ago

me xbox defense force?

HAHAHA, i don't even own one, only own PS3, i just hate over the top fanboys that spam articles with crap, like you who got blocked and lost a bubble for trolling.


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DelbertGrady3444d ago

Is that you, Maddens raiders?

3444d ago
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