Skittles Should Be In Every Game

Try and remember all the way back to Microsoft’s 2010 Press Conference… Now, what would you say was the standout game? Metal Gear Solid: Rising? Halo: Reach? Gears 3 co-op? Wrong, bitch! It was Skittles the Tiger, star of the Kinect’s upcoming retail bombshell: Kinectimals!

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cobraagent3967d ago

Your conference was enough...

Dragun6193967d ago

Looks like you guys haven't heard of the Truth Phones, have you?

Fake animals ftw

PS3Freak3967d ago

That was the guy from Mega 64.

Blacktric3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Skittles should be in Gears Of War 3 as an enemy along with that asian girl combined with Kudo. So we can feel the awesomeness of chainsawing something worthless.

Forbidden_Darkness3967d ago


360 exclusives:
CrackSkittles 2
Skittles: Reach
Skittles Wake
Project Gotham Skittles

The Devils Skittles
Red Dead Skittles
The Skittles Box (Includes Skittles life 2, Skittles Life Ep. 1 & 2, Team Skittles 2 and Skittals)

PS3 exclusives:
SkittleZone 3D
Ratchet and Skittles: Taste the Rainbow
Skittles: Fall of Man
Skittles 2:Among Rainbows

Wii exclusives:
007 Skittles Eye
The Legend of Skittles: Rainbow Sword
Super Skittles Galaxy
Skittles Prime 3: Corruption

Skittles will take over the industry... (JK)

Spenok3967d ago

Lmao, some good titles in there, i would mind playing some of those xD

Katana Yamato3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

@Forbidden_Darkness: LMAO! But don't forget God of Skittles, Skittles May Cry and Skittles Gaiden

3967d ago
MajestieBeast3967d ago

It would attract the furry audience.

Tony-Red-Grave3967d ago

theres a casual market that would buy a virtual tiger named skittles, TASTE THE RAINBOW, for their kids i'd love to smack'em

3967d ago
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