Sucker Punch: ‘Why Do You Hate Zeke So Much?’

Continuing Play's conversations with Sucker Punch, the developer questioned why people turned on one of its favourite characters from inFamous; Zeke Dunbar.

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zootang3124d ago

I didn't like Zeke just because he was selfish and jealous, not two traits i admire.

Cloudberry3124d ago

The way he talks & personality is annoying.

More of a burden for me (playing as Cole) in the game-story & game-play.

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Why o why3124d ago

why come to comment then....crackdown reviews are out now my friend;)

The games not lame but Zeke acted lame. Theres a reason people have wanted this sequel more than they wanted a prototype one

ElDorado3124d ago

I agree i hate these things you mentioned about him


You must be a fucking fanboy. Not because you don't like the game, but because of the way you talk obviously.

Reibooi3124d ago

I hated Zeke because he was annoying. He was a negative character always being somewhat jealous and that isn't exactly the kind of person you wanna like. Even after the few redeeming things he does.

On top of that the way he sounds really annoyed me. You expect him to be one of those people who snort or something every sentence and I really don't find that to be a likable kinda guy.

JoySticksFTW3124d ago

I thought Zeke was funny, but he pulls a couple of jerk moves in the game that results in "bad things"

Cloudberry nailed it

Kappa Mikey3124d ago

god i hated zeke's voice. I found it so annoying

LoVeRSaMa3123d ago

Zeke was a fat Sponge, e seemed like a user and even betrayed his friend, if given the option I would have killed him in InFamous.

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Dragun6193124d ago

Hopefully, he learned his lesson in the first one and changed his attitude for the better. InFamous 2! Day one

Also have to say this interview with Sucker Punch is building up to be awesome. Can't wait for the whole interview.

erathaol3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

Its not about learning his lesson, its about an action that he took deciding the faith of thousands of innocent people and by doing so he betrayed you when you needed him most. The City was going to hell, your powers were still evolving and you needed someone to look out for Trish. Eventually through your own will power you are able to help two of those things but at the expense of Trish's life.

I hate Zeke but I can deal with him in another installment of the series, I just can't get over the new voice actor. He sounds so lame and none threatening.

Spenok3124d ago

Yea he was kind of a douch, but i didnt have this malice toward him. He does try to rectify himself in the end anyways.

yoshiroaka3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

His accent was annoying and he never really had your back. He was a burden and just wasnt cool or funny.

Take elina or chloe from uncharted. They both had great back and forth dialogue with drake and jumped into the fire when things got hot with you.

Heck even Flynn was cool even tho he dicked you. Zeke just didnt have any charm.

DA_SHREDDER3124d ago

To the people who always bitch about game characters, why dont you make one and add em in a game? Oh thats right because you have no skill and your a arm chair journalist therefore you dont even have a clue where to begin to make a video game character. Just like Rico from Killzone 2, Zeke is just a victim of being too damn cool for you guys to understand.

yoshiroaka3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

Relax dude. It not like we're saying 'ZOMG Zeke is the worst character in the world sucker punch should close down and never make games again!'
We're just saying why we didnt like Zeke.

I may not be able to make my own game but i know what i like and Zeke just wasnt like-able to me. I never felt like i was or wanted to be his friend. Maybe it was because they didnt have the resources to properly portray and develop Zeke's character like they wanted (they said before in previous interviews about infamous1's tech being limited presentation-wise.)

Criticism is a good thing sometimes when i doesnt go out of control and so far from the comments i dont think it has gotten insane.
If we sat and said everythings perfect then nothing would get better.

palaeomerus3124d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

" To the people who always bitch about game characters, why dont you make one and add em in a game? "

Because I don't make games. Got any other stupid $#@$ing irrelevant questions? Does the fact that I don't make games somehow make Zeke cool or less annoying? Does that make people hate him less? Does my not being a movie director somehow make the starwars prequels good?


Well, okay then.

It's nice that YOU can like sucky annoying characters and try to convince yourself that they are some kind of creative masterpiece but some of us have standards that go way the hell beyond being able to like some fatboy faux-elvis conspiracy-theory comedy relief stereotype.

Rocket Sauce3124d ago

Zeke was alright, but he makes such an out-of-left-field decision in the end of the game. It's just a really dumb twist that brings the whole game down.

People should be hating Cole's smelly pirate hooker girfriend, Trish. What a stupid bitch. He should have kicked her to the curb and gotten with the evil chick you fight in the sewer. She was hotter and a much nicer person.

Ravage273124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

erm you know...there's a reason why Trish acted that way. Cole was somewhat responsible for her sister's death and she acted the way most people would.

I share your opinion of Zeke though. I thought he was alright till that selfish decision late into the game.

Rocket Sauce3123d ago

Cole delivered packages for a living, and one of his packages basically had a bomb in it. It blows up, crippling him and killing her sister.

Somehow, she turns this into, "Cole killed my sister."

Arrrrrghhh, I hate Trish!

pain777pas3123d ago

Zeke was the first Rico! LOL!!!!!!!!

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GeoramA3124d ago

He's written for you hate him. He's selfish and makes stupid decisions that makes Cole's life harder.

He's a lot like Rico From Killzone.

Davoh3124d ago

I'd give it to Zeke, at least with Rico you could hit him

GodsHand3124d ago

I've killed Zeke plenty of times in the game when your first start, or even zap him till he is on the ground, just turing back and forth.

Davoh3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

I was pretty sure you couldn't zap Zeke, although I haven't played inFamous in a while so I could be wrong.

FernandoMartinez3124d ago

I didn't realy care about Zeke LOL

Nitrowolf23124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

I will agree with Sucker Punch
I actually liked Zeke as a character
Yes he was annoying but having in the game made it fell more of a classic hero show.
Every superhero show has some sort of person who is jealouse and annoying.
He might have not been the best character to other people, but personanly i thought he could have a lot of potential as a s character. I can see why they liked him so much

How ever his voice idk, just something about it but when i look at the character and him with that voice its a nice fit.

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