Top-10 PS3 exclusives to make 360 fans jealous

There are a lot of upcoming PS3 exclusives for the next months and years. Videogameszone is giving you 10 reasons that will make you buy a PS3. Be sure!

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dangert123968d ago

Flamebait or what?
'Top-10 PS3 exclusives to make 360 fans jealous'

Conloles3968d ago

How about Top 10 english sites make jealous that no one reads their site.

Dragun6193968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

I agree, the title was unnecessary, "Make 360 fans jealous"?....Really?
The title should have been "Top Ten PS3 Exclusives To Look Out For"

If any one wants to take a look, here's the whole list of PS3 Exclusives.

evrfighter3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

was that really the article's title or was it re-labeled by a sony extremist?

I don't click .de articles. They take way too long to load even if it is just a few more seconds than a .com.

PoSTedUP3968d ago

as a ps3 only owner i am jealous of halo: reach. no matter how much i despise halo for being so casual, i have to admit, halo is hell a fun.

but on PS3, i have everything i ever needed. awesome exclusives, awesome new franchises, free online, blu-ray, wifi, 500gb harddrive, 3D games and movies etc.

only bought one, only needed one.

Neko_Mega3967d ago

Yeah, I just brought Halo 3 L. from a friend for 50 bucks and it has everything like it was brand new, I got the helmet sitting by all my other things like the box from God Of War 3 Collection Ed.

I don't own a 360 at the time but love playing Halo, I did have a 360 for a short time to play the Halo Reach Beta and it was a blast.

HSx93967d ago

I'm a PS3 owner myself but this article is stupid.

tnator3967d ago

I'm a PS3 and 360 owner and yes, this article is stupid

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thewrathman3968d ago


the only one id want is gt5.if i wanted the rest id have bought them.but i dont so i havent

skip2mylou3968d ago

too bad none of the games are even out yet. get your fanboy glasses off

hennessey863968d ago

i have both consoles so i wont be getting jealous at all whoooop whoooop cant wait for gt5 gona make my own topgear videos

NeutralGamer3968d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous...

hennessey863968d ago

its crap no where near as good as sons of liberty and they talk about the graphics there crap aswell im glad i only rented it

willie323968d ago

They went a little too nuts with Metal Gear Solid 4. I could not stand how long the movie scenes were in that game.

EvilBlackCat3968d ago

well i own a ps3 for God of War and Ninja Gaiden Sigma the 2 reason why i have PS3

and there is only one game in that list that i am really interested to own

>>> The Last Guardian <<<

I really dont care about Killzone and Uncharted

GT5 i can wait a whole 1 1/2 year to play it because i have Forza3

EVILDEAD3603968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Regardless of how bad the quality of the article is..this isn't the first or last claiming the same thing.

Let's be honest..if you were jealous of almost a dozen titles for a system you do not would RUN not walk to buy that console.

Now I am a huge 360 gamer..own well over 100 titles..and there was only ONE title that EVER made me want a PS3 (with every bone in my body)...and that was Metal Gear Solid 4.

When Slim dropped last year it was one of the first titles I bought. I love my Slim and buy the big titles I'm into day one..

I'm going to throw a gem out for this site. 360 gamers in the real world just don't get caught up with PS3 games like people believe on the internet.

Now, I'm talking from the States..jumping on Live with a bunch of friends and 'partying' up has honestly become a day to day gaming lifestyle..

It's just a bunch of hardcore gamers who buy every major 360 game under the sun and play the hell out them. They each play with a hardcore dozen or so of folks..who you end up getting to know and game with..hence the strong community..

We talk games ALL the time..and it's almost opposite of the internet. I remember beating playing Demons Souls and UC2..which kept me off of Live for awhile..I logged on just for a little bit..and everyone was in these groups playing Borderlands (which had just come out) matter how much I bragged about how great those two games one other that the dual owners even cared.

360 owners chase those multiplayer experiences where you buy a 60 dollar game and EVERYONE seems to own it..and you all have a blast playing for hours..

This is why Battlefield: BC2 and Red Dead Redemption did outstanding numbers on the 360..

I keep trying to warn people..unless there is a catastrophic event..Halo Reach is going to destroy Xbox Live when it drops..same with black Ops..same with Gears 3

The jealousy factor or even the console w silliness just isnt there like it is on the internet.people who want a PS3 get one..the rest are content..but the funny part about it is everyone scream hardcore this and hardcore that..but we all own Wiis for non hardcore reasons

Just my humble take


etownone3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Damn ... Well said!!!

I was actually playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 .... And none of my friends cared cause they are still up CoD ass and Borderlands .... Still!!
And they are all waiting for those three games you mentioned

Halo Reach
COD black ops
Gears 3

Sarevok3967d ago

I disagree with you EVILDEAD.

I set up games with friends on my ps3 online all the time(i.e Killzone 2,demon's souls,borderlands)

I think you just lack friends on psn.

PopEmUp3967d ago

wow you actually wasted your time writing that essay down, to let you know nobody care lol

mantisimo3968d ago

I prefer the ps3 and make no secret of the fact but I really think this title is "please please come to my web site if I write some lame article bating all the fanboys"

Well sorry I didn't! Nor do I think that many of my PS3 Xbox or ninty friends would do either.

gtamike3968d ago

All games cause 360 has got none.

jeseth3968d ago

PS3 exclusives do rock, but they aren't making any 360 fan jealous. Just like 360 exclusive aren't making PS3 fans jealous.

Spydiggity3968d ago

which is why it's a top article. no real news gets to the top...just this junk over and over again. probably cuz n4g is nothing but fanboys. they eat this garbage up.

Narutone663967d ago

be jealous of those games as we all know, the 360 fans are all casual gamers.

CWMR3967d ago

PS3 fanboys are all casual gamers. They play baby games like mod nation racers and LittleBabyPlanet.

lh_swe3967d ago

What a completely absurd claim and comepletely unsubstantiated as the data points elsewhere i.e that PS3 games sales are across a wide genre of games.

@Narutone66 - Ohh do we? How have you come to this conclusion? By wishing it to be the case? In fact isn't it the case that the 360 has a huge attach rate of games?

I would have been fine with you guys claiming these idiotic statements to be true if you guys had evidence beyond your console prejudce, so grow up!

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Omega43968d ago


How do these games make 360 fans jealous? Its just 10 images of 10 PS3 exclusives with no reasons to why 360 fans would even care about them, why not say to get Wii fans jealous or PC fans jealous?

Rainstorm813968d ago

i actually agree, flamebait at best

roccohateskittens3968d ago

In response to this, I have decided to change the subject and make dog lovers jealous by posting a picture of a cute kitten. (Attached)

skip2mylou3968d ago

i can beat that even better its a video to make cat lovers jealous!

Why o why3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

but i understand your point. I also understand why they didnt flame after the pc or wii as the ps360 are direct competitors

NeutralGamer3968d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous...

(Didnt I already say that?)

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jjw3k3968d ago

What a poorly formed list. Socom 4 and Uncharted 3? Really........