Star Wars: The Old Republic is the World of WarCraft killer?

Did you know that there is something bigger and greater than Warcraft? A whole new universe that has existed for a long time and that has a much bigger audience than Warcraft. Of course GossipGamers are talking about Star Wars.

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xYLeinen3970d ago

Not likely, the only WoW killer will be Blizzards new MMO.

And the way that will go is people will leave WoW and go for their new MMO. So probably will end up with like 14mill players.

Blacktric3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Blizzard did go for the wrong way when they decided to make next Warcraft game an MMO. I'm sorry but I don't want to pay 15 dollars a month and give quarter of my life to see what happens to Arthas next. If the monthly fee will be right, The Old Republic will be much better than World Of Warcraft since it will be a story driven MMO with all NPC's voiced over. Oh and more players doesn't always mean a good game (Modern Warfare 2, anyone?)...

Codeman4203969d ago

idk you get wat you pay for thou. We gotten great content, *cough* BC not so much *cough*, and if ToR doent live up to the hype it will fail like warhammer, conan, aion, LoTR have becuase their respective developers never gave there players content and reason to play there game.

Codeman4203969d ago

i agree, wow is so much into todays video game culture that it will never truly die, thats why all other MMO's that have been released fail to thrive in the gaming world.

evrfighter3969d ago

everyone wants one. But I wish everyone would stop with the wow killer crap.

WoW will end up killing itself. Just takes time.

peowpeow3969d ago

Like most huge games..there probably hasn't been a 'killer' to any of the games journalists compare..they will end on their own

Wizziokid3970d ago

every new mmo with a large fanbase surrounding it gets called a potential WoW killer.

It really depends on the term WoW killer because if it just about player base then WoW will win for a long time (until blizzard make a new mmo)but if it's on content, graphic and gameplay well WoW lost years ago.

There are loads of MMO's out there which offer a better experience than WoW and I personally think SW:TOR will be better also.

Better mmos than WoW (personal opinion)
*City of Heroes
*Age of Conan (it just lacked the content back at launch)

Omegasyde3969d ago

it was called Star Wars Galaxies

I remember people were hyping up the the matrix MMO as well... and well.. .

Nothing can kill Mario, Halo, Gran Tourismo, or World of Warcraft. Unfortunately......

DJKGBYF3969d ago

SWG had potential until the CU.

JoelR3969d ago

Now it's crap... SWG was a great Starwars game - then the edits came... and came ... and the hits kept on coming..... eventually we had a WOW clone without the fun dressed in Starwars clothes without the feel.

Xi3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Honestly, I don't understand why anyone would want to try and kill WoW, or halo, or any other game.

I think KOR will be one of the first MMO's since WoW that will review up there in the same range as bioware's other games. A great game is a great game, it doesn't need to try and kill anything. I hope the game sells, only because I think bioware is a great dev and deserves all the support it can.

Myze3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I think that will be the difference between TOR and the other MMO's that didn't "kill WoW." TOR is likely to get really good reception from critics and actually be a well designed game. WoW is really the only MMO to have ever received all around "AAA" status, so it's really no wonder it garnered so much early success, which then lead to phenomenal success. The problem with most other MMO's was that a lot of them were good for the first 1/2 of the leveling up process, but then they either became repetitive (AoC, WAR, FFXI), extremely boring (Aion), screwed up because of bad nerfs/"fixes"/change s/etc. (SWG, and many others), or just lacked enough content in the end (AoC, Aion, LotRO).

Bioware is every bit as good a developer as Blizzard, maybe even better as of late. I have high hopes that TOR will be almost as successful as WoW in the long run, if they have enough content at/around end game to keep people interested after leveling up. Also, they need to be sure and keep adding good updates without making unnecessary changes to the game.

I agree with people saying this will not be a "WoW Killer," as I'm not sure any game can do that at this point, no matter how much better it might be. That does not mean an MMO can't come along and take out a big chunk of their subscribers. I've known dozens of people that have left WoW to play another MMO, but then came back because the other game got boring or lacked content later on. If TOR can avoid that situation, those people would probably stay, which would be a foundation to build a good subscription base from. FFXIV is in the same situation here. It's likely to draw people away from WoW, but probably not as many as TOR will, since FFXIV already has a pretty good sized userbase from FFXI (although I'm sure it will at least get a good bit more than XI, especially early on).

I know for me personally, I'm looking forward to FFXIV, DC Universe Online, and The Old Republic (and probably even Cataclysm...although I'm not really sure if I can stomach going back to WoW, no matter how good the expansion content looks). They all come out at different times, so I will try them all, starting with FFXIV. Which one I decide to stay with, and help grow their continual sub-base is entirely up to the developers.

Senden3969d ago

Not with the combat footage i've seen it won't.. why do developers think mmo = S-L-O-W combat? One of the main reasons why WoW appealed to the masses was the fact it had a great combat system which wasn't exactly twitch based but felt involving and gave you the feeling you were truly in control of the character.. all these wow clones lacked this and after playing WoW, made it difficult to stomach them.

Letros3969d ago

To be fair, the majority of combat videos of wow appear slower than they really are, when your behind the screen it feels much different, I'd expect the same for this. WoW took awhile to get some interesting combat as well, SotC/SoC owning everyone on my paladin, and Hamstring spam Mace stun on my warrior, though I imagine things are a lot different now(havent played in years thank the lord haha)

I don't think this will be a WoW killer, although it is not like there is only a certain amount of people that can play MMOs, is there a cap? WoW can still have 12 million and SW:TOR can happily exist at 1 million. I think people forget that at one time 100,000 subscribers was and still is considered a success.

Myze3969d ago

Aion had fast combat, but that didn't stop the game from sucking for a big chunk of the game, namely the last 10+ levels. ;)

Age of Conan had far more involved combat than WoW, including being faster. However, AoC also wasn't finished upon release, which means it was doomed from the start in terms of long-term success.

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