Wada: Multiculturalism Key To Square Enix

NowGamer: Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada has talked about the company's strategy for growing into a global publisher, citing the emerging mix of ethnicities as a major factor...

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fastrez3026d ago

This game can't come soon enough, looks much better than the poor 11th game

Brewski0073026d ago

The fact that its March for ps3 though is a pain. Still a good long wait for me as my pc wouldnt be powerful enough to run it.

I dont think they'll fully achieve globalisation based solely on the fact that its very hard to please everyone from all walks of life with EVERY game they release. They'll by no means fail and go bust as they'll always appeal to a good solid fan market globally, but its a big jump for them to aim for something thats very hard to achieve with trying to please everyone. .

Nerd Alert3026d ago

Actually itlooks exactly the same, just in Hi-def.

And yes im a FF11 player so i can actually compare the game.

Spydr073026d ago

I completely agree. I mean, Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 4 looked exactly the same as well other than 4 being in HD.

MisterNiwa3026d ago

Yeah and I agree aswell, Gran Turismo 5 and King of Fighters XIII look exactly the same just in 2D, and yeah I'm a Little Big Planet player, I can actually compare the game.

bakasora3026d ago

I tell u what Wada: "It ain't working"

Reibooi3026d ago

Simply put Wada is wrong.

When they try to make games for other people they fail. It's that simple. A good example is Dirge of Cerberus. The concept behind the game was good(learn about Vincent's background) However to try and appeal to the west they made a shooter and for that reason it failed. They didn't WANT to make a shooter they did it to appeal to another culture and it failed. Now on the flip side if you look at something like Vanquish which is also a Japanese shooter the difference is clear. Mikami WANTS to make a shooter and thus it looks to be turning into a great game.

They need to make what Japan wants at a very high quality and if it's really good people around the word will play it regardless of where they live. They don't need to change stuff or design stuff for the western market(as they did with Nier) This was the case in the old days of gaming and the only reason it changed is because western devs started to get better and the eastern devs lost confidence for some reason.

We don't need them to stop making the games they have always made. There is nothing other place to get those games. No western Dev is gonna make a game like Final Fantasy, Persona, Tales, Okami, ICO, The Last Guardian, Valkyria Chronicles and the list goes on and on.

They need to focus on Japan and if the game is good and it works then people will buy it regardless of their culture.

Spenok3026d ago

I loved FFXI :( I will be honest and say it looks better. But thats no reason to go and bash a 7 year old game. :/

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97gsx3026d ago

Strategy? I thought his idea of strategy was to destroy every good franchise they had.

IrishAssa3026d ago

There's always very stereotypical black people in their games though

Chaostar3026d ago

Is this some kind of lame excuse for dumbing down their games for western audiences in the search for greater profit margins?

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