Ruffian planning "disruptive" openworld

Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian has said it wants to make a "disruptive" game that advances the openworld genre in a way that its peers so far have not.

"One of the things that we think about games like inFamous, Prototype and Grand Theft Auto - not to denigrate them in any way - is that they're all doing the same sort of thing,"

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Rainstorm813122d ago

infamous, prototype and GTA are doing the same thing???

I under stand a half realistic half insanity....but isnt that just mixing protoype and GTA??

mcnablejr3122d ago

none of those games offer a 'toy box' to play with in the game.

There are endless possibilities in crackdown 2.

play it and you will know what i mean

Rainstorm813122d ago

I wouldnt quite say the possibilities are endless, from the demo the game looks worse than part one and plays almost identically ecept for the midnight mutant attack.

I know you cant judge a game frome a demo but i didnt draw me in like the first Crackdown, it just feels outdated. the three games mentioned by the devs looks and plays far better.